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January 11, 2012 - Friday - My Week

Friday, January 11, 2013

Well, another week has gone by. How time goes by so quickly. How did my week go? Well, to begin with, I have spent much of my time in my bed in the motorhome. I have done a lot of sleeping. I have concentrated on eating healthy. I have been in phone contact via text to one friend who is doing this with me. I know she has struggled like me, but both have made some healthier choices. I know I am suppose to be going sugar free in all ways and I know I can do it but it isn't as easy as one may think. I know I fight depression right now too. I know I need to get out and exercise. The book like disappeared so I am not reading it as planned.

This week the eating was up/down. I made some serious progress on the positive side. I had a few near perfect days and some ok days and a couple of bad days. Yesterday was near perfect and today shooting for perfection. I know if I can get on a roll of eating perfect, I can maintain. It is making it the first 7 days. Today, if I can do as well as yesterday, I will be two days in row.

Also, on days not so good, I have done small portions. Money is so scarce this week, I should be good as we don't have money to go get any bad food.
What makes it so hard too is daughter likes to eat her junk food and then not healthy but then goes and eats my healthy food. It is like, I didn't feel like my food so I ate yours. If I buy just healthy, she don't eat.

The battles we all go through. I kind of took the stance of,,,I am not going to get stressed by what she is doing or with the baby. I am going to hide out in my motorhome until hubby comes home or close to it. I need all my strength for the days I have to deal with her bad attitude or her laziness. I downsized my home for a reason. I don't want to be a slave to dishes and house cleaning.

Oh, guess hibernating has a positive, the flu being so bad. I don't want to be sick...
I am having hormones too as my face has broke out teen...geez...menopause can suck.

Raw almonds this morning.

EEEWWWW Python snake hunt in FL.... epidemic of snakes...people finding in yards and they showed some 17 foot ones...yuck
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