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Friday, January 11, 2013

"This is not what I imagined
But this is real life in the trenches
And we are
Livin' the dream!

Highs and lows we'll take on together
Choosing joy whatever the weather
And we are
Livin' the dream!"

~~"Living the Dream" by Downhere

I had to sing along with this song on the way to work this morning. I hear it at least once a day on our local Christian radio station, KLBT 88.1, and usually I hear it on the way to work and from.

Wednesday night, my baby girl only woke up once. Last night, she made up for it by not sleeping through a single hour, from 9 pm to 4 am, when I finally just pulled her up on my chest to sleep with me. I did not, therefore, wake up early to do my January Jumpstart workout... I barely woke up in time to get my girls and myself ready and out the door to get to work on time. I'm already having extra coffee this morning...

We headed out in 40 degree weather, and they're saying it will be up into the 70s this afternoon... but that it will get cloudy again, and we're likely to get more rain. I'm glad I got a good jogging session in last night... but my knees aren't so happy about it. I really pushed myself last night, holding on to jogging intervals longer than usual, and I am proud of myself for it... but I will be taking a few days to just do some low-impact exercises. I'm really wishing I had a nice stationary recumbant bike... but I guess walking and low-impact aerobics DVDs will suffice.

Just give my knees a break for a little while. Don't want to hurt myself--that's part of why I've made it so far through life without taking up jogging as a real habit. Too many years ago, I gave myself stress fractures in both shins trying to start... I still have issues with the swelling in my ankles that came from doing that. Injury's a good way to get me to stop doing something, and to swear off ever doing it again.

Point is... it's Friday. It's a beautiful Friday, my beautiful girls were happy when I dropped them off at school (though the little one was disappointed that I put her on the FLOOR near some toys instead of handing her to someone!) and my husband is off today so when I get home, we can actually see each other before he starts his nights tomorrow. I've got plans to do my abs workouts today, and abs which have just lost enough soreness to contemplate doing so. Yeah, workouts plural, because this week, for the Jumpstart, we choose two bonus videos and one I chose was Pilates core stuff. I really need to work on my core stuff. Maybe I'll pull out my big ol' ball and do something with it... I know that when I was on BabyFit last year, I found an abdominal workout that used a ball... Hmmm... maybe I'll do that instead of the Pilates video. We'll see.

It's such a beautiful day!

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