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Is working out slowing down my weight loss??

Friday, January 11, 2013

Let me first start with a confession... I weigh myself every day. Yep. I know you aren't supposed to, but I do. Although the honest truth is I want to see how the weight loss is going, I justify it by saying that I want to know what's working and not working with the foods I'm eating. Both reasons are legit to me. I am only on week 2, so maybe this bad habit will simmer down eventually.

So I take bootcamp style classes 4x week and they are extremely hard, cardio and weight workouts for about 50 minutes. Although I've only been on this diet since 1/3, I have noticed my weight loss each morning is significantly less after I workout the previous evening. I've logged my food and I am definitely NOT eating different because of the workout.

Has anyone else experienced this? Someone told me it is because I am building "muscle mass", but I am skeptical. The bad thing is that it makes me not want to work out. However, I am not taking that drastic step because working out for me has always been more about relieving stress. Committing to a work out is much easier for me than eating healthy. Tonight is my night off from working out and it will be interesting to see what the scales shows tomorrow morning. I sure hope it's better than the 0.1 I lost yesterday after a grueling workout and healthy eating. How depressing! emoticon

In the meantime, I am trying to keep the faith. I know I'm doing the right thing so it should pay off eventually. Right? Right?!!
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    First, take "weight loss" out of the picture. Weight is made up of bone and water and blood and a lot of other things. No one wants to lose lean body mass but most people want to lose fat. So what you're looking for is "fat loss".

    There are MUCH better ways to measure that than using a scale. At best a scale will give you an approximate measurement of your progress, but, heck, you can "gain" a half a pound by taking a shower right before you weigh yourself.

    Use something more meaningful, like a tape measure, (accurate) body fat monitoring, or "measuring clothes": those pants that are currently too tight or that blouse where the buttons gap from pulling too tight.

    If you MUST weigh daily, try taking a weekly average to actually see your progress. Add up 7 days of measurements and divide by 7, and THAT'S your weight, not what popped up on the scale this morning.
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  • CHERYLA2012
    Two interesting SparkArticles that address working out and weight loss - don't let the titles fool you:

    8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

    and 8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working

    Something you wrote in your blog post made me stop and think. You said: "Committing to a work out is much easier for me than eating healthy."

    What kind of fuel are you giving your body?

    There is also this interesting chart from the Mayo Clinic on Exercise for Weight Loss - Calories burned in one hour

    And even though you're using the nutritional tracker - what is the daily caloric deficit so that you are able to lose weight?

    I doubted the amount of calories that SP allowed me so I double-checked the amount by using a BMR calculator - figuring out my basal metabolic rate and then timing it by my activity level. That told me the amount of calories I could consume, and taking 500 calories daily away from that figure has allowed me to lose roughly 1.38 pounds per week.

    BMR calculator is here:

    One thing that really helped me was making sure I was drinking enough water. So I used a hydration calculator and the results told me I needed to add more.

    and hydration calculator is here:
    R> emoticon

    Wishing you a great journey as you continue towards becoming the healthiest you can be!

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    It has only been two weeks, these things take time. But you are on a good path to losing weight. Exercise is always helpful to your body, even if you do not lose weight. You will lose inches. Keep up the good work.

    1891 days ago
    You are still in the very early stages, so give yourself some time for things to even out and your body to adjust to your new dietary and exercise routines. At first you might see more of a slowdown on the scale moving, however, that will change as you go and you will see that, as you have less fat to burn, the weight will start to go down as well. Also, keep in mind that while your scale may not go down as fast as you might want, you WILL be able to see other positive changes, like clothing fitting better, more energy, overall feeling better, etc. Weight loss is about more than just a number on a scale. Remember that and you'll succeed! Good work so far!
    1891 days ago
    The weight loss will come. The good thing you are doing by kkeping the exercise schedule are worth continuing those efforts. As you feel stronger and healtheir, eating habits will improve, I'm sure.
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    Working buids muscle which weighs more than fat
    1891 days ago
    small steps is what you should be taking,It takes time but your hard work will pay off in the end, I was always one to weight myself every day but my new years resolution is to weight myself once a week. I am not so discouraged with the daily ups and downs of the scale. I know in my heart even if I did not lose another pound, I am eating healthier and exercising every day and I will have a better life.
    1891 days ago
    Actually it is true, your weight loss is slower due to the fact your body is working on turning fat into lean muscle....the lean muscle will burn the calories. Another factor, don't go at it so hard -- you need to workout and then take the next day off to give your muscles time to recover.

    Your body will go into starvation mode, if you overwork it and not feed it enough protein. So double your protein intake by eating making sure everytime you eat protein you eat a carb with it.

    Water is very very important as well to flush out the crud out of your system.

    Hope this helps in some way

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