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My Christmas present to myself!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I ordered a rower, and it came this evening! Woohoo! I will set it up tomorrow, and hopefully tomorrow night I will get a chance to try it out. I can hardly wait. I like using the one at the gym, but I don't like waiting to use it. Problem solved! Also I can use it 24/7 if it is in my library. Maybe a little more cross training will jump start my weight loss again. Here's hoping...

Speaking of which, I am still hovering between 174 and 176 pounds. I know it has only been a few weeks, but I think I am at a plateau for real for the first time since I decided to make this lifestyle change. I am pretty sure I am still losing body fat and inches, but the scale?... Well it lies to me. Actually it probably has more to do with TOM and my sodium intake, but the number on the scale can fluctuate wildly. I only record my weight once a week, but I check it more frequently just out of curiosity. Time of day makes a huge difference in the number I see. I have this theory that gravity adds at least a couple of pounds over the course of a day. lol! Anyway... I don't let the scale affect my mood. I am much more influenced by how much weight I can lift or how long I can run. I just increased the weight again on the leg press machine, and that brightened my day. I ran 3.8 miles on the treadmill yesterday, and that made me feel accomplished. I would almost call myself an athlete these days.

As for today, Cooper and I walked 7.3 miles. I also did the challenge video of the day and some lateral lunges. So, while today wasn't quite a rest day, it was a recovery day. Back to the gym tomorrow to do another run and hopefully a spin on the bike before my new ST workout. My neighbor said she would watch the dog if she gets home from work on time. He would much rather snuggle under the blankets with her than sit in his crate by himself. (I think he gets bored after a couple of hours.)

I tell you all the details of my new rower tomorrow after I try it out. Guess I should go read the instructions for setting it up!
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