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Getting ready to get back to the real world

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I was lucky to get 3 weeks off around the holidays. I spent it with friends and family, and I used my spare time to focus on motivation and planning for my weight loss journey. I have to give myself a little pat on the back for sticking to my workout routine (Jillian Michael's Body Revolution) and for the most part, sticking to my nutrition plan.

I'm starting to get quite anxious about going back to work on Monday. Firstly, I didn't get as much work done from home as I had hoped. That really isn't a big issue, as I was just hoping to get ahead and am not behind. Besides, who wants to work on their vacation?

Secondly, I'm worried about fitting in my workouts regularly. I know that JMBR only requires 30 minutes a day, and I am super confident that I can make that happen. I am hoping to do it at 4:30 am when I wake up, but if I happen to sleep in I can squeeze it in after work. I'm more concerned about fitting in the extra cardio, as I find the program doesn't provide enough for me. My plan is to go to 2 classes at my gym a week, whether it be Zumba, kickboxing, abs, whatever. I'm worried about fitting those in, especially since this is the busy season at my job. I've decided to make sure I fit in the JMBR workouts every day, and anything else I do is extra. It also helps that we workout for 20 minutes with the kids, with the intention of getting their heart rates up to boost brain activity.

Lastly, and my biggest struggle to come, is the eating. On my days off, I have been really conscious about "fueling" my body instead of just feeding it. I've tried to make nutritious meals including a lot of fresh or frozen vegetables with minimal wheat and refined carbs. When I go back to work, I know I won't have time to poach eggs and cut up a tomato and avocado for breakfast. I'll likely turn to oatmeal and nuts or cereal. I plan to pack salads and homemade soups for lunches, and to bring a veggie snack for in the afternoon. I really don't want to turn back to canned or dried soup packages like I did before the break - I've since read that they are not the most nutritious options. My biggest worry is dinner. When I'm at home, I have the time to prepare a nutritious meal before I am desperate for food. When I am working, I always plan to steam some veggies and bake fish, but by the time I get home I can hardly wait the 20 minutes and end up making poor choices.

Now that I have all my issues written out, I'm beginning to realize that I do have a start of plan to make sure I eat well. I just need to stick with it. I've been pinning a lot of healthy make-ahead meals the last few days, and I might make it a ritual to plan meals and make ahead what I can on Sundays.

I am going to push myself to make healthy choices when I go back to work. I really want to be fit and strong so that I can keep up with my firefighter boyfriend on our next hike! (On the last one, he ended up carrying all of my stuff and I lagged behind. And it was a pretty easy hike.)
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