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I am a Swimmer!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am sooo freaking happy & I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face!!! emoticon

Why so happy you ask??? Well I went swimming this morning & my plan was to up my meters from 100m to 125m before taking my rest break. WELL!!! At 125m I felt good so I kept going, 150m felt good, 175m felt good on my way to 200m I was confused...there is NO way I'm on my way to swimming 200m WITHOUT a break!! NO WAY. So I stop at the wall to try and figure it out how many meters I did. Couldn't figure out how may I did, so I set out again to try swimming 200m to prove it didn't happen, cause there is just no way I swam 200m & didn't once feel out of breath & need to stop!! Whenever I up my meters I always struggle with the last 10m with my breath. It eventually gets easier, that's how I
know it's time to up the meters.

So off I go, on my way back from my first lap I decide I need to do something to help me remember how many laps I do before rest. I had 2 things, my water bottle & a board. I used those to help me count & when I was done the 200m my time matched my first set. HOLY CRAP..I really did swim 200m without a break!! And once again I felt like I really didn't need a break. I swam 200m set again, then on my 4th (and planned last) set my arms started to get alittle tired. But that could've been from the ST upper body workout I did last night, but I was glad it was my last set. I then did cool down with my board.
I was so proud when I finished it took everything for my not to yell a WOOHOO!!! while I was standing in my lane streaching. lol.

When I downloaded my watch this is what it showed
WU - 50m 1:24.2
WU - 50m 1:31.3
200m - 5:00.4
Rest :41
200m - 5:08.7
Rest :44
200m - 5:08.2
Rest :48
200m - 5:09.5
CD - 50m 1:33.6
CD - 50m 1:46.1

Total Time 28:55.5

Today is the first time I accually felt like I could call myself a swimmer. Sounds weird
I know...it also took me a few years before I felt like I could call myself a runner.

To top all of this off, while I was brushing my teeth I noticed my abs are feeling like they are getting tighter. I'm beginning to feel a difference. Soo freaking happy is all I can say.

Today was my perfect swim!!! I just hope I don't have too many mediocore or bad swims before I feel this feeling again!! emoticon

'A year from now, you'll wish you started TODAY' I love this saying & I think of it often.

And YES!! Yes, I'm glad I faced my fears & started swimming that day almost a year ago!! Sure it was doing the dog paddle...but look at me crawling now!!!!
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