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Meal Plan for January 12-18

Thursday, January 10, 2013

So some big news coming out of the YOJULEZ house. My boyfriend (J)has accepted a new job that involves him traveling 4 days a week, starting in February. So, at that point youíll see my meal plans shift a bit, since I will be cooking for one for 3-4 meals a week. You probably will see less ďcomfort foodĒ type meals, although I like them too. Itís just hard to make them when youíre the only one around to eat them! But at least while itís cold, Iíll be making more soups! I also plan on experimenting with more interesting recipes, and meatless recipes. J wonít go for those but Iím interested in trying a few out. Also, I can start cooking up some really spicy hot stuff! I love it, J canít handle it. So for all you spice lovers out there, look out!

Also in other big news (at least it is at our house), the NHL Lockout is over. So, hockey games will commence on January 19th. So Iíll have some evenings where weíll be going to those instead of eating at home since we have season tickets. I canít tell you how excited J is, and Iím pretty excited too. I like going to hockey games, theyíre super fun, and itís fun to see him excited too as he's usually pretty low key.

This past weekís meal plan sort of went awry. On Monday night we ended up going down to ďourĒ bar to watch the big football game (which was a PATHETIC game). So, youíll see that meal repeated this week. Then, on Tuesday I ended up going up to my BFFís house in the mountains to spend the night. She started her hormone treatments for IVF this week, and her husband had to leave town for a funeral, so she definitely needed some moral support, and help with the injections. I found that Iím actually pretty good at giving injectionsÖ the things we do for our friends! But, we had a fun time in our PJs eating pizza and chocolate cake and Iíll never pass up the opportunity to hang out in her gorgeous house up in the mountains. I only went 200ish calories over too! So anyway, I am having the Tuesday night meal tonight, and moved tonightís to next week as well. I will say, having all these changes in my schedule sort of really messed up my lunches. I had to go the frozen meal route twice this week, which I hate doing. Also, the potstickers I was really excited about, they turned out great! But good lord that was a lot of work! Iím glad it made so many so I wonít have to make them again for a long time, I have a huge stash in the freezer now.

Also last week I mentioned that I would be switching my breakfast and snacks up. Itís been working out pretty well! I really like the breakfast sandwiches I made, theyíre more filling than the fiber barsÖ which is good, because I forgot to buy cheese sticks this week so I havenít had that as my 2nd morning snack all week! So, even though itís been OK without them, Iíll still add them back in as I like the protein and calcium boost they give. Iím also liking my carrots & hummus in the afternoon, I portioned out a huge bag from Costco into 3oz portions, and keep the container of hummus at work, so itís just as easy to grab and go as the yogurt was.

So, hereís the plan! I wonít be listing lunch plans for the weekends anymore, since I pretty much never plan ahead for those.

Saturday, January 12, 2013
DINNER: I havenít planned for this yet. The Broncos play their playoff game so Iím guessing weíll be going to the bar to watch it in the afternoon, which will involve a lot of bar food and beer. If weíre home by dinner time, itíll be something light and easy.

Sunday, January 13, 2013
DINNER: Steakhouse Pizza from The Pioneer Woman. I pretty much love Ree Drummond, and I want her lifeÖ living on a ranch, sexy cowboy husband (not that I donít think my BF is sexy, itís justÖ cowboys are way sexier than IT guys, sorry J, if you ever read this), cute kids, getting to cook all day. It sounds pretty great to me. Anyway, here is the pizza recipe:
Itís not the HEALTHIEST thing on the planet, but itís not horrible either for being pizza. I have it making 12 slices, and around 320 calories per slice. I actually put 3 slices in my tracker (will eat light the rest of the day!) but that might end up being too much, with the steak itís a pretty hearty pizza!

Monday, January 14, 2013
LUNCH: 2 slices of leftover Steakhouse Pizza

DINNER: Chile Mustard Pork Kebabs and Thai Chopped Salad. This was originally on the plan from this past Thursday and I didnít end up making it. You can read the write-up on last weekís blog. www.kalynskitchen

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
LUNCH: PAYDAY CHIPOTLE! Hey, it rhymes. How fun.

DINNER: Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken with Garlic Bread and Salad. Another repeat from the previous week, it was originally scheduled for Monday, you can read the write-up there. budgetbytes.blogs

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
LUNCH: Leftover Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken and Salad

DINNER: Not sure yet, as is the case with most Wednesdays. Iíll either throw something together, or eat leftovers.

Thursday, January 17, 2013
LUNCH: This will likely be a frozen meal unless I still have leftovers of something else. Iíll take this space to say I am not a big fan of sandwiches at all. Unless theyíre packed full of meat, I donít find them to be filling at all, plus the sodium thatís in both the bread and the lunchmeat really throws me off. And, for 400ish calories, I want to be filled up!

DINNER: Baked Pesto Chicken w/ Orzo and Roasted Broccoli. This looks ridiculously good and so simple. I donít think you can go wrong with pesto, chicken, and cheese. Iíll be serving with 1oz servings of orzo just to help soak up all the pesto-ey goodness, and roasted broccoli is a favorite at our house. Itís a very ďgreenĒ meal! I temporarily have 2 lbs of chicken in there, to make 4 servings, so thatís A LOT of chicken per serving. Iíll probably end up cutting it down once I see the actual size of the chicken breasts I use. As it stands now though, each serving is 458 calories, plus 100 for the orzo and around 100 for the broccoli. www.kalynskitchen

Friday, January 18, 2013
LUNCH: Leftover Pesto Chicken

DINNER: Not sure yet, just like all Fridays!

I hope everyone has a great week!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have a great plan and some great positives in your life!

    1384 days ago
    KAPELAKIN, that's funny. I'm making the pepperoni chicken because I know J will like it, and I am on another food-related message board ( and when I posted about it there another woman said "Oh my man would LOVE that". I guess it's total man food! I think it sounds good too though.
    1386 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan. My husband would LOVE pepperoni stuffed chicken, might have to check that out! I LOVE making daal with yellow split peas for a spicy vegetarian dish. Getting hungry just thinking about it!
    1386 days ago
    This summer I plan on making TONS of Pesto. I didn't have my food processor with me this past summer so I've been relying on the pesto from Costco, which is pretty good! I freeze it in ice cube trays, each "cube" is about 2tbsp if I'm remembering correctly. Once it's frozen, I empty the trays out and put all the cubes in a plastic freezer bag.
    1386 days ago
    I'm excited to see some meatless meals, soups and spicy dishes on your meal plans!
    If you can, take the time to make the pesto recipe posted on Kalyn's Kitchen. It is delicious! We ended up freezing some for the next time we make the pesto stuffed chicken recipe. (I also used almonds in place of the pine nuts because we never have pine nuts in the house)

    1386 days ago
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