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Happy to Stay at Home Today

Thursday, January 10, 2013

For the first three days this week, I was up at 6, traveled across town to be at my son's house by 7:15, took him to school by 9, then brought granddaughter home with me and she spent the day with me (even though her daycare profider was NOT on vacation), then at 3, I traveled back across town, picked up grandson from school, took everyone home, and we waited there until son and daughter-in-law got home. It made for a very long day for me, even longer than when I used to work full-time, although I have to admit, the middle of the day was spent at home. It wasn't leisurely however, as my granddaughter keeps me jumping. Monday she had three sippy cups, one had diet pop in it, one had chocolate milk, and one was water, because she got the hiccups. When she wants something at Grandma's house, she usually gets it. I know that is the big reason she likes to come here. I would get home about 6 p.m. I don't mind helping them out, in fact I'm glad that I can do this kind of thing now that I'm retired. But I'm really happy to stay at home today for several reasons.

One of those reasons is that I got to sleep in this morning, although I was still up about 7:30. It's nice to wake up without an alarm after 35 years!

Another reason I'm glad to stay home is because of the temptation at son's house. There was a huge box filled with the candy the kids got in their Christmas stockings. They get a lot of candy in their stockings at my house, and then they get more at their other Grandparent's house and I'm sure they get some in their stockings at home, although my son and his wife are cognizant of limiting the kid's candy intake. Of course Grandma spoils them both, so when they asked for candy before and after school while I was there, I would fill a bowl with Reece's Pieces or Skittles for them. And....then I would take some...and then some more....and more....and more! I also helped myself to several pieces of chocolate from a couple boxes of Russell Stover candy also sitting on the counter. PLUS....there was a big bowl of Chex Mix on the table and I had way too much of that too.

So today the scale says 153. I'm not surprised. I even skipped lunch Monday because I ate so much junk at their house. I went prepared for temptation Tuesday and didn't eat anything in the morning while I was there, but after school, it was a different story. Wednesday went pretty much the same way. I do not do well when the wrong food is in the house. Today I get to stay home all day. Duncan's daycare provider is back from her trip, so he went to her house this morning before school and she will pick him up after school. I do have Thursday night looming....but we have dance class again after being off for almost a month. So that will keep me busy and I hopefully won't be tempted to snack all evening. We do take the girls to McDonald's usually after dance. They each get a Happy Meal, and then play in the Playland there. I don't eat, because the family (minus the g-daughters and Duncan) all go out to eat after bowling. However, sometimes the girls will give me their apple slices--YUM!

So I'm back on track today, hopefully. I've got to get those 3 pounds back off, and good news, after a rainy cold day today, it is to be 52 degrees here tomorrow (just for one day however, back to the 20's for the weekend), so I will be able to walk outside!

I'm excited to get into some kind of retirement routine....I don't want to work at a job anymore....but I want to accomplish a lot, and have a purpose and a goal. For now the goal is to drop some pounds, and get my New York trip memorabilia into a scrapbook. I put away my cross stitch for now, but I may get it back out. It's really good to have something to keep me occupied in the evenings, and OUT of the kitchen!
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