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An apology means so much...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The phone rang just a bit ago. I didn't recognize the caller ID. It was the salon owner. My letter had been buried in a stack of mail (I'm sure everyone gets inundated at the holidays) and the salon owner only read it last night. She said it impacted her to the point she shared it with the staff in their meeting (without using my name).

She explained how their "gift" program was intended to work and the errors in her "marketing strategies" versus "customer appreciation". She was very apologetic and very contrite. We both cried. She agreed the receptionist needed some training in how to work with people.

There was to have been a free gift of service (EVERY client in December was to receive something they hadn't before - maybe an eyebrow shaping, a hot-oil treatment, a foot massage etc. ) She said she asked my stylist and she said that to be honest she thinks she may have forgotten. She was juggling 2 appts. doing a wash/blow out while my color was processing.

I believe it was an honest oversight by her in that she is a lovely young woman whom I care about deeply. The salon owner said my account has now been tagged such that I won't have an associate doing shampoo, blow dry etc. From now on my stylist alone will do my hair from start to finish.

The salon owner explained that she has redone her entire Valentine's promotion due to my letter. She realized it could have the same effect and was thankful for my letter in showing her the potential downside. She wants to come to my home on Friday and again offer a personal apology. I think she is sincere. As I stated before... it wasn't what was in the bag it was the way I was dismissed.

emoticon What is the lesson to be learned from this whole episode?

1) Treat others as you want to be treated.

2) Look for inner beauty. Just like you can't judge a book by a cover you can't judge people by their size, skin color, age, gender or financial status in life.

3) Never be afraid to speak up when you are mistreated. We have to educate those that are lacking in life skills.

4) Know that sometimes you are the "agent for change". As painful as this episode was it has created CHANGE. Sometimes we have to be the catalyst. We have to be the one who takes the offense and uses it to bring about RIGHT attitudes!

Tears are good - both of us shed quite a few. She did the right thing. She admitted there was an offense, corrected it, apologized and assured me that it will never happen again. That's all I wanted. I just needed to hear "I'm sorry". As I said before, it wasn't what was in the bag. It was what was in the HEART!

I'm looking forward to her Valentine's Day promotion. I think it may be a HEART event!

Pressing On!

P.S. I'm really glad I don't have to find a new stylist. I'm horrid with hair! Ha!
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