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Stage Fright

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

This week is going on FOREVER!!!! But, I am now over the hump and it's downhill from here!

I woke up this morning and nixed the gym idea again - I need to stop this!! I am still sore (pretty much just my hamstrings now) but I plan to attack workout B at home tonight. There is one move it says to use a squat rack bar, but the first workout is supposed to be done pretty much body weight only, so I think I can sub a broom stick. There nis another move that uses a cable machine that I can just use my resistance bands.

I do think that getting to know the moves at home before hitting the gym will make me feel more confident. I know it shouldn't even be a thought but I don't like that I'll be sticking out like a sore thumb doing these exercises in the corner of the gym. Hopefully I will get over this quickly. Has anybody else overcome this fear of being watched while doing an unconventional workout at the gym?

Even if I switch to doing my workouts on T-Th so that I can use the fitness room I know plenty of other people use that room too so I still wouldn't be alone. I can go into a raquetball court but everyone can still see me........ and I'd need to come and go for the very few exercises I do need more than dumbbells for. emoticon Again, I know this is silly - I shouldn't care, but I do. Everyone who is at the gym at 6am is usually there every day - so it's not like they will just forget me! They will see me all the time!

I'm sure not as many people will be paying attention to me as I think and there is no rational reason for this fear. It's not like I've ever talked to any of these people or see them any where other than the gym. What do I do to get over this?! HELP!
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    I think it's fairly normal for many of us to feel uncomfortable in the gym - you're definitely not alone on this. As many others point out, just try to remember that everyone is primarily focused on their own workout and not what is going on around them. You look amazing and can totally do this - you're a strong woman! Baby steps. Maybe try going once a week and work up from there as you become more comfortable.
    1742 days ago
    I do have some unconventional work outs that are totes normal, but I've never seen others do while at the gym. One is overhead presses while sitting on a balance ball. Another is jumping on a stack of steps (as high as my knees). I do them figuring that most people aren't really going to be watching me. They may notice that I'm doing something different, and they'll look at what I'm doing because it's different, but they probably won't watch me the whole time because, honestly, staring is kind of an awkward thing to do. Also, I know that when I see people do "weird" (but obviously beneficial) things at the gym, I think, "Hey, they REALLY must know what they're doing!" because they're doing something I'm unfamiliar with.

    In summary: People are not likely to stare, and are likely to admire you for knowing more routines than they do. So there!
    1742 days ago
    I always brought my ipod when I used to workout at the gym and I focused on my music and how it made me feel- energized and ready to go. Don't worry about them and they probably won't worry about you. I know-easier said than done but focus on what you're doing and it will get easier.
    1742 days ago
    My gym workout is about "ME" that is where I place my focus. I am there to get healthy for myself.

    I'd like to encourage you to do the same. Focus on why you are on this journey and your purpose to be at the gym. Then do your routine/reps practicing good breathing techniques and correct form. Your workout will be much more productive as a result.
    1743 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/9/2013 5:53:52 PM
    Not sure if this will help but I've noticed that everyone's there doing their own thing and it's rare that people are focusing on others. I just turn on the music, focus, and tune everyone out. My head is totally into the workout.
    1743 days ago
    I quit the gym bc I didn't feel comfortable either. I feel much better at home! Get out and get to the gym! emoticon
    1743 days ago
    Yes, I had that same fear. And then I went to the gym with a plan....

    I usually pay attention to the people who do things a little bit more unconventional and notice that they are very focused in what they're doing, and I admire that so much. So, when I set up my plan, I am very focused on my movement, form, and my jams. And I avoid any eye contact with other gym goers (lol). From there on out, it's smoooooth sailing. emoticon
    1743 days ago
    I agree with all the other comments on here - the gym time is YOUR time. Try to block it out, and not care about the gym rats that are there hours at a time... or worse, there to socialize.... seriously, my brother goes to the gym just to meet girls.. bad idea. We dropped our gym membership due to finances, but I want to get it again as soon as hubby starts working, it was nice to have somewhere separate to workout and call my own... good luck darling!
    1743 days ago
    I don't know what the secret is.... I have some of the same fears. We live in a very small town and I am bound to not only run into the same people, but usually a few people that are friends too. I try to just not think about it and focus on my goals. That being said, I will admit that I am still hesitant to go during "prime time". Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) my schedule is such that I can't go at those times anyway. And in Zumba class I just keep telling myself to focus on my goals, have fun and not worry about those who notice and/or judge my lack of coordination. Good luck!
    1743 days ago
    I honestly don't go to the gym anymore because I find it boring and have other ways to work out, but I did used to go and I was terrified that people would look at me. I think what got me over it was hiring a personal trainer. Pricey, but worth it. He had me doing such insane, non machine oriented workouts that I was pouring sweat, screaming, and occasionally crying. What I learned was a very important lesson: If I have time to stop and think about what other people think of my workout, I'm not working hard enough.

    Good luck!
    1743 days ago
    When I went to the gym I took music and blocked them out!
    1743 days ago
    Don't know how to help; you already know that they aren't going to be paying attention to you. Most people in the gym are focused on THEIR workouts.
    1743 days ago
    I just try to think about what I am in the gym for - ME... I do glance at people but they care about what I am doing no more than I care what they are doing - 0!
    1743 days ago
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