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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I'm happy to report I was accepted into another 10-week program -- this one is dedicated to cardiovascular exercise (I participated in a 10 week program last Fall that was a combination of strength and cardiovascular training). Read on for more details. Just reading the notice inspired me! I'm fortunate to work at a college where one of our majors is "Fitness Specialist" and they need volunteer clients!

This opportunity will help push me to the next level with my cardio workouts and also help me prepare for my first 5K on June 7!

When I responded to the notice, the professor responded to me immediately and said, "YOU'RE IN!"

Title: 10-week cardiovascular exercise program volunteers
Body: Students in the Fitness Specialist program are looking for volunteers to take part in a 10-week cardiovascular exercise program, which begins Monday, February 4th & ends Friday, April 19th.
Are you able to take part in cardiovascular exercise that at times will take you out of your comfort zone?
Is your ability to exercise not limited because of orthopedic problems or medications?
Are you able to commit to working out 3 times a week for 10 weeks with a student trainer? (30 workouts)
Can you subject yourself to testing that will require you to wear a breathing mask to measure expired air?
If you can meet all the requirements, and interested in taking part in this program, and please respond to this request as soon as possible. Clients will be selected on Friday, January 18th, from the pool of volunteers.
This program will focus on developing cardiovascular system efficiency, and a program goal will be set to reflect the focal point of your program. Your goal could be fitness & health, or performance related.
Here is a rundown of the program;
1) The 10-week program begins the week of February 4th and ends April 19th.
2) Cardiovascular exercise is the focus of the program.
3) You will work with your trainer 3 days a week, during "open lab" hours in the Bardo Gym fitness lab. You and your trainer will decide on the days/times of your workouts.
Open Lab Hours:
Monday & Wednesday – 3pm – 7pm
Tuesday & Thursday – 3pm – 6pm
Friday – 12pm – 2:30pm
4) Trainers will plan and lead you through all your workouts.
5) Your student-trainer will perform numerous fitness assessments and develop a cardiovascular program that will focus on the energy systems your body uses to work at various levels of intensity.
6) There will be 30 workouts throughout the 10 weeks, with each lasting about an hour. Your trainer will also provide you with a 3-workout program to perform over Spring Break, to help keep you on track.
7) Because this is a Cardiovascular Programming class, the only work with weights will in cardiovascular circuits. There will be NO machine work or barbell exercise.
8) Student trainers will build a progression of cardiovascular exercises. Most workouts will be very tolerable (aerobic), but there will workouts throughout the program that will be moderate to high intensity - but all geared to your level of fitness.
9) Missing workouts is not acceptable, and the students suffer in not gaining the experience that this assignment should provide! Every attempt should be made to reschedule missed workouts. Your student is required to have at least 27 workouts completed. Fewer than that will negatively affect their evaluations.
10) If you have vacations scheduled, are in a position that will not allow you to meet consistently, or are not truly committed to workouts, volunteering for this program is not for you.
If you’ve got the time and the desire please respond to this message so we can get your name on our list.
At the end of the first week of classes I will do a drawing to determine clients, and then assign student trainers. Those who are selected for participation will be contacted during the second week of classes, and paperwork will be sent for you to complete before sessions begin.

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