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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Its been three days that I have changed my habits. Eating better, tracking everything that I eat and exercising.

Last night I was happy to get 15 minutes on my elliptical. I had to stop several times but I did it and burned 232 calories! Woo hoo! My goal is to get in 30 minutes of cardio five days a week. But for right now I just want to survive on that machine. I struggle with 5 minutes. But last night I pushed. Visualizing the dress I want to wear for my wedding and keep saying to myself

"That dress only goes up to a size 14! Any bigger and your going to be paying more money! Push PUSH!"

Even though its only been three days, I feel pretty good. I am less tired then normal and wasn't too out of breath going up and down the stairs. I still need to work on that though. It will be great to go back to my desk at work without feeling like I ran a marathon. Its embarrassing to be so out of breath.

I actually feel a little less bloated today. Might be all the darn water I am sucking down. I am probably burning calories going up and down the stairs to the ladies room!

I am looking forward to the weight in on Saturday morning. I am feeling confident that I have lost something! I also plan to do measurements too which will help me stay motivated when the scale doesn't want to move. emoticon
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