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Today I brought my husband home!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I had a rather full day today, starting with my appointment at WINZ (0ur Social Welfare Agency) re transferring from an Invalid's Benefit (piggy backing on my husband's) to go on a Widows' Benefit. I was there for about an hour, and most of the work has been done - the base rate has been approved, but now my Disability Allowance and possible Temporary Assistance still has to be worked out. Then I had to go to the Lawyer to get my husband's Death Certificate notorised so the title to my house can be transferred from our joint names, to just mine. Next I troddled off to have a quick lunch before going to the Dentist to have the temporary repair that was done on the day of my husband's funeral, removed and a permanent one put in place. The Dentist had done the temporary repair at no charge which I was more than pleased about - I mean, who would complain at that?? Next it was off to the Bank to take care of that part of it. While there, for some reason which I can't think of at present, age was mentioned, and I casually commented that I was pushing 60. The Financial Adviser scoffed, then asked if I was for real. When I told her that at the end of March I would be 59 she didn't say anything, but then she was tapping away on the computer. Next thing she said "You ARE!" I asked "I am what?" She said nearly 60 and then added that she had just checked my birth date on her records. I asked how old she thought I was - she said "MAYBE late 40's!" I was right chuffed - she had knocked off a lot of years - LOL! After getting the groceries, I went off to get hubby's ashes. I didn't want him left in a hot car so waited until I was ready to come home. My daughter thought that was funny and asked what I thought was going to happen. She said it was not like he wasn't used to smoking (heavy smoker) - and that he might enjoy one last long smoke.

In two days it will be a month since he died - I wish with all my heart that I could turn back the clock, but that will never happen! I can only move forward, and enjoy my memories of our time together.

I am tired - exhaustipated actually - and I had better sleep well tonight or else!! I think I might just have a little blue pill to help that along!


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