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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Today I am in awe at how consumer's rights have to diminished to a point that is scary. Having this problem with my builder I appealed to Better Business Bureau and after 2 weeks got a notice that they received no answer from builder so they are closing the file.

Consumer Affairs after sending them breached contract and proof of all monies paid I asked for an inspection of premises so they can see the mess the builder has left me. Ironically, they were not even concerned and would not even look at the facts because they said there powers were limited and they could make him to nothing and went on to say things which poured salt into the wounds the builder made. This is the same agency which makes millions on the builders who pay them for a license which stop you from hiring outside your county, in other words protects them instead of you regarding builders.

I am presently talking to a Senator"s office and going to go to the district attorney's office to see if he could put this all in proper perspective .

The reason why I share is that people should know how many of the places set up and paid for by the tax payers are nothing but fronts and truly can only mend the simplest of problems. I have followed all the proper procedure through much work and cost to me making a contract that took three months because this is such a large project. Had the contract reviewed by a lawyer. This is the same lawyer who when the builder breached the contract charged me $500 for a sit down and advised me to just him get back on the job at any cost since if I take him to court it will be too costly and.... even if I win the builder will claim bankruptcy and I would get no money after all my cost, time and aggravation. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO?

WHY DO I SHARE THIS? As I sit here numb from all this and trying to depersonalize this whole situation. I can't help but ask the universe what is going on? What is happening here? You even doubt your sanity and reasoning power when you work so hard and long to do the right thing. In my life I see a pattern of events occurring and people dealing each day with contracts and think themselves protected when all those people who give you these written promises know they are as good as toilet paper in most cases.

The fact is that if anyone violated a contract no one can make them do anything unless you spend the time, aggravation and money to take them to court and win and they instruct them to do right.....and then also try to get the money as they appeal or claim to have no money. In other words the companies or "THE PERSON WITH THE MOST MONEY AND TIME WINS". How does the average person compete with this? It is no wonder the only logical but painful solution is to succumb to it and become another victim. How sad.

I often think of giving up and going mad since the cost, stress and aggravation on many levels jeopardize the rebuilding of my home. Yet something within me seems to say if I fold they will win and vermin will continue to show its ugly head and laugh in mine and your face. Although I have been defeated thus far I hope something I do change the negative outcome for me or maybe someone in the future. How sad also that many do not see that we are all connected and this could happen to you too but hopefully it wont.

I now embrace the small victories each day and try not to think of the worst otherwise I would not be able to go on. I am going to be healthy and overcome this I pray for the strength each day to go on since I am convinced now 10% is what happens to you but 90% of what you make of it. Somehow, someway I must find a way to make this adversity come out to a good outcome.

My warning to those out there entering any kind of written contract or agreement to contemplate if all goes wrong what are there options and could they finance making the situation right in time, stress and a huge financial cost with no guarantee of the outcome in a court situation.

I am here to say I believed everyone when they said draw up an excellent contract, the lawyer helps if problems, report them to Better Business Bureau, go to Consumer Affairs they will help you......unfortunately many of these remedies are nothing but the public relations depot to justify the huge expenditures of our tax money and help only for minor problems since they do no have the power to make anyone do anything they do not want to do or enforce contracts which only a court can do.

I was eating over all of the above but then it occurred to me that it is just another way to make advesity win over me to. Not to mention how I weakened my health and mental clarity to sustain the fight. At least I have the satisfaction of trying my best and doing my part for myself and society...hope it helps.

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  • JILL313
    Many years ago I hired a contractor to add on to my house and I should have known better as his deal was just too good to pass on but I had to learn the hard way as ended up with a mess and out of all the upfront money I had given him. Later on he kept calling me and wanted, as he said, to finish the job that he had barely started. Under no circumstances did I want him back as his workmanship was so poor. I could have taken him to court but chose not to as at that time I wasn't up to the strain of that. For years, I was kicking myself as felt I should have been wiser when selecting a emoticon contractor but he sounded so professional and reasonable I didn't use my better judgement. I can imagine how hard it is for you emotionally dealing with the mess your contractor left you in and all the money you've given him. Life just isn't fair but then it's never been. I'm so sorry to hear those agencies are just a sham and can't help you out at all. Maybe take Jackie's suggestion and contact a radio or TV station that does Consumer issues or problems. Good Luck and God Bless you Yvonne.
    1896 days ago
    I don't have much to offer in the way of suggestions, but Jackie's is excellent. That is a great idea. Yvonne, I'm so sorry it has been so stressful and such a bad situation for you. You truly have persevered and I can't help but believe that you will come on top of this. Best to you! Hugs, Jeannie
    1896 days ago
    Thank you for your blog and working thru your frustration. You are a strong person to have persevered thru all of this. I have gone thru similar situations with the law myself and found that often the only justice is maintaining my own integrity. Have you also tried going to a TV station that has like a "Target Investigative Reports" to help you? We have two TV stations in our area that work on behalf of consumers ... you could send them your blog and see if they will help. Just a thought. Blessings and energy to you as you continue to stay strong. Love, Jackie O
    1897 days ago
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