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Looking for clues

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I've spent the last hour going through my spreadsheet tracker looking for any possible and slight correlation between my slowed/non-weight loss of the last few weeks and my tracking. I wasn't looking for any black and white answers - just hoping for a some morsel.

(Despite my analytical nature, this review was not analytical in any real way...just quick and dirty. LOL!)

I chatted with my hubby (actually it was more me thinking out loud to him) and we came up with a few interesting ideas, but no answers (as expected) about my lack of weight loss of late compared with several weeks during the prior weight loss cycle.

Calories In vs. Calories Out: Averaging about 100 calories more per day now compared to then. Not enough to explain anything but I can improve this.

Activity: Averaging about 7 minutes of vigorous and 8 minutes of moderate less per day now vs. then. (No, I don't do vigorous every day - this is an average.)

Steps: Averaging about 2000 steps less per day now vs. then

Other changes:
Work has been busier than seems possible the last several weeks. Sleep time and personal time has been compromised.

The holidays - no need to explain that, even though I did pretty well.

We joined a gym the last of Sept. and I've increased strength training quite a bit. Perhaps increasing muscle is a contributing factor.

We are no longer seriously training for 5ks. We were running a lot more then. Now I run intervals only to burn calories on a treadmill. I'm no longer pushing to run a full 5k. I think this is one of the likely morsels found.

I hurt my knee during the Thanksgiving 5k and I just getting back to where I could try to run longer distances.

We're not doing as much yard work. I don't count yard work as exercise, but it definitely adds to my calories burned.

With the weather changes, we're not hiking as much now. We're not running or walking outside as much. Not being outside could explain some of the decrease in fitness minutes.

So not screaming red-flag waving answers, but these little things are probably part of it. I'm not convinced that I can really analyze this to find any answers (it's way more complicated) so I probably won't spend the time. On the other hand, I could see me doing this while my foot is propped up and I'm dreaming of being back on the dreadful treadmill.

For now I'm going to work on bringing my calories down. I have plenty of room to do better here. And for the next few weeks, I'll work on increasing my heart rate and really vigorous exercise with possibly some running.

Well, it was interesting even without any really exciting and obvious answers.

Now, it's time for bed.
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  • _JODI404
    looks like good analytical detective work to me. Could be a combo of those things. Winter is definitely harder. Outdoor time just makes being active so easier!

    1866 days ago
    Interesting... when you lay it out this way, it seems that there are a lot of teeny tiny factors that are all contributing, which makes sense.... a little bit here, a little bit there.... it all adds up. However, you are still maintaining consistency, and much of this "little" stuff seems related to injury (which you're recovered from) and the season (winter is not conducive to activities which contributed to your calorie burn before), so even if you kept your habits up, it seems like spring would bring about a loss again... (and maintenance isn't a bad thing-- especially as you are getting so close to your goal, as that's what you will be aiming for soon!)
    1867 days ago
    More evidence that little things add up over time - or detract over time. Not that you're not doing well still, you are! But it shows how small changes make a difference. Nicely thought out!
    1867 days ago
  • ROXIT22222
    One factor that you may be over looking is that you weigh less there for you burn less calories in general. This is why weight loss slows the closer you get to your goal weight. So you have to eat less and excersise more and harder to get the same average weight loss you got when you were 200+.

    (hope you get what I'm saying. I made a mistake today and worked out before breakfast... almost passed out on the precor)
    1867 days ago
    It is possible it's your body's way of saying "I'm taking a break from weight loss". As you know, just keep doing what you're doing, you've built so many great habits over the past year and a half. Are you close to goal now? Somehow, I think you are. That could explain it as well. The last few are so much harder than all the ones in the beginning! :)
    1867 days ago
    1867 days ago
    As we all know, small changes can lead to success, so i suppose they can throw us off track just as well. I think wnter is the toughest time, i know i naturally get a lot more everyday activity when the weather is nice! Good luck as you tweak your program to get where you want!
    1867 days ago
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