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Getting Real

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well it sure was a nice holiday season for me - must have been - cause the scale don't lie...
I did well at the start and really held out until late December - but eventually I gained a few pounds.
I blame it all on the Almond Roca...and my mom's cookies...and the four parties we went to right around Christmas...and the fact that my parents visited for a week and kept opening new bottles of wine - EVERY SINGLE NIGHT...
Ah well.
Time to get real..
I am almost glad I slipped up a bit and gained about 4 pounds. I know that might sound a little weird. But it is nice to know that I can ease up, enjoy a season of indulgence, and still come right back to my newer habits. I discovered that while I enjoyed EATING all that food and slurping down a glass or two of wine every night - I didn't enjoy the way I felt - sluggish and slightly out of focus.
I liked relaxing and letting myself eat sugar/flour again for a while - I think it might actually be a help in the long run - to know that I can allow myself brief periods of indulgence - that those foods aren't gone forever - they are just not everyday foods for me anymore.
It was almost thrilling to realize that I could "slip up" and then restart my healthy eating plan. In past years a slip-up would mean months and months - or maybe years - before I would get back on track. I think I have shifted my thinking. Back in the old fat days I really was an all or nothing person - either all out diet, or all out binge. And the binging won - that's why I weighed 267 at my worst.
Today i know that I can indulge - and then flip back into my healthy lifestyle. Those 4 lbs will get kicked to the curb soon and I will continue my journey. It is so nice to have this space to learn and grow with all of you as we pull ourselves out of unhealthy living. Thanks so much sparkfriends for encouraging me and journeying with me. 2013 will be a great year....
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