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Quick Fixes Always have Drawbacks

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

So, yesterday when I was feeling all weird in my body, I started thinking about everything that we do to better our health can have some side effects. If we try to better our health with unnatural things (such as synthetic medications, or fancy weight loss pills, etc), we usually pay a very high price of side effects. Let me clarify before I further confuse anyone.

In October 2011, when I went in to see my doctor for sky high BP and chest pains, that was my body saying, "enough abuse already! I'm revolting against your foolish behavior!" emoticon So, the solution as a doctor sees it is to begin a regimen of pills that "fix" the problems that I had created all on my own. Finally, my sedentary, smoking, fast-food filled life caught up to me and knocked me down for the count. And you know what? I'm STILL reaping what I had sown. The first negative reaction my body had to my lifestyle was through my stomach. Day after painstaking day, I would suffer with nausea, stabbing pains, and acid reflux that would often times cause blistering in my throat. Because I didn't care much for my body nor did I ever do any research, I used the old "stomach bug trick" my family had always used. Drink a coke to settle the stomach. Well, I would have my coke and unhealthy fast food of choice to go with it, and my dummy brain couldn't put two and two together that this was the cause! DUH!!! Oh, and I would smoke to settle my nausea also. emoticon So, I had to go on a medicine to fix the bleeding holes in my tummy that I singlehandedly created! *aaaahhhhh* All better now.....WRONG.

I also had to begin a healthy diet of synthetic drugs to tame my blood pressure out of stage 2 hypertension. I also started on pills to get rid of migraines, and those didn't work. So, here I was a total wreck. I was maintaining my horrible lifestyle with pills that temporarily put a band-aid a much bigger infection: ME. So, as you all know I have removed myself from all of these pills and take the migraine pills in very extreme cases (I have decreased from taking 60 a month to 1 a month). I take natural vitamins and I eat very healthy.

Most recently, I have had to deal with another fall-out of my unhealthy choices. I blogged about it at the time, that I have some low-grade autoinflammatory issue. The doctor specifically said that I can reverse this if I continue eating healthy and working out. You know what that tells me? I'm responsible for this too. But, as I see it, there is no use in crying over spilled milk. I put myself in this position, so now I'm going to dig my way out.

The reason I even mention that I am still reaping what I have sown, is because each day, I have to deal with joint and muscle pain that has gradually become much worse. At first, I thought it was only tenderness from working out, but I am realizing that it really flares up if I DON'T work out. The stiffness in my neck and shoulders is sometimes so unbearable I can barely turn my head. I think this might have been a contributing factor to all my headaches. I have only come to realize these things within the last few weeks. When I was actively working out every day before the holidays had the gym shut down and then my illnesses had my body shut down, I didn't hurt. After a couple of weeks of not working out much, my pain is back with vengeance. There are knots in my neck that are visible on the outside! The pain can be excruciating sometimes. But, I know that if I find my way back into daily swimming the pain will ease.

My whole point to this is that through all of these realizations, I know I put myself there, and I have to find my way back out. Even yesterday, I had to break down and take a pill for my severe heartburn. I think it was from something bad we ate at lunch because DH had the same symptoms. I know the outcome of taking those pills for my stomach are ultimately part of what has made my joints ache. I also want to put out there that I know that synthetic medicines have helped many people and are necessary in some areas. I still believe in taking an aspirin once in a while. But I used to be a synthetic pill junkie! I remember a time in my life when I was taking 8 ibuprofens a day!

I'm a healthy person. I just let the natural goodness I had slip away from me due to lifestyle choices, and I have every intention of getting that back. I believe in the power of natural healing and letting the body take its natural God-given course in order to make that happen. Let's face it. The human body is a miraculous work of art, so let's not taint the beauty of that with bad choices! Let's emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • _LINDA
    Unfortunately, we always have to learn the hard way the things we do to ourselves :( Good for you for turning it so completely around and giving up so many tough addictions! You will crawl out of the hole you dug for yourself, but it will take time to heal all those years of damage :( But you can do it!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1624 days ago
    Have you tried testing to see if you have a food intolerance? I hear that those can cause some of the autoimmune diseases.

    A few years ago, I gained about 20 pounds, and I tried a variety of diet pills only to find that they didn't work. It was frustrating, and I ended up gaining another 20 pounds. I was bloated and sick most of the time. I finally changed my life with better food and exercise. I'm still working on the clean eating, but I'm so happy I chose this way to lose weight. I feel so much better and happier. Let's keep this up!
    1625 days ago
    Good girl. I know there are some special diets out there that can help with inflammation along with doses of fish oil and omegas. I hope you can feel better. I know being sick is the pits. Being in pain is worse! My little boy has arthritis and I struggle to know how to help his pain. I hope you find wisdom to help you in the journey! Best wishes
    1625 days ago
    Most of the weight I gained was due to illness/infection/medication, but in my last year of all that, I gave up. I started eating fast food 5-6 meals a week, stopped exercising, stopped bothering to move around, etc. I had been on this roller coaster going up and down rapidly between about 180 and 210, but in that last year, I jumped up to 255 and had no downward jumps, so I know the last 50 lbs or so are ones I put on myself, and I'm still paying for that. I'm much better now - it's been 3.5 years since I stopped doing that - but still, it's one of those things that is HARD to get over. We do have to pay the consequences, and that sucks!!! Still, you're trying to live healthy, and our bodies are made to heal. :)
    1626 days ago
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