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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ever since I began my weight loss journey, there were two things that were pretty much impossible for me to give up. I had a baaaaad attitude about giving them up, and I would try to find any way to work around it - convincing myself I could have my cake and ....lose weight too.

Those items were wheat products and sugar/french vanilla creamer in my coffee.

I stopped putting sugar in my coffee several months ago. I increased the creamer a little to compensate, but let's be frank here....I was still consuming about 140 cal/10 carb for one cup of coffee....and I typically had two cups a day and sometimes more (because they also have it on hand at my work, as well)

When I cut sugar...I kept the full-sugar version of the creamer. I couldn't let go. Wouldn't let go. Until after examining the last 10 days so carefully, and seeing that some days I would have 30 carbs/420 calories going
I felt guilty. But I didn't wanna give it up.

Maybe I'll just go to one cup a day, I reasoned with myself. But I know the truth. I will cave on it and have 2 or more cups more times than not. This week, it began to gnaw at me. What if that was the ONE THING that was preventing me from losing weight, would it STILL be worth it? Really? If the answer is yes....well, that's because there's addiction talking there. I didn't like that answer at all.

So, last night I went and got the sugar-free version and tried it in my coffee this a.m.

Blech. Totally nasty. I warred with myself. "Can't I have ONE vice left?" and I went through the "maybes" again. Maybe I could just have one really good cup of coffee a day....

Feeling sorry for myself I came to work and when it came time to pour my second cup of the day, instead of reaching for the full-sugar version, I reached for the plain half-and-half and added a packet of Splenda.

Not too bad. Seriously much more do-able than the SF creamer. Perhaps I've found my replacement.

Because you know what? It's NOT worth it. Feeding that addiction is not worth it. It's not worth the calorie/carb effect, it's not worth the hit to my self esteem when I think " I'm willing to stay unhealthy, unhappy, and morbidly obese because I refuse to give up my addiction, even if it was the only thing standing between me and losing weight".

Good-bye, Nestle French Vanilla Creamer. I truly loved you. In fact, I think I loved you so much, I was addicted to you. You aren't worth it to me any more.
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    Good for you. It's tough to be tough! BUT! let me offer an alternative: you *can* use whole/heavy cream. I also love the myriad flavors of DaVinci syrups - and most come in sugar-free versions. The range of flavors is amazing. The "sugar-free" is Splenda. These are the syrups you might encounter in coffee bars or the like. They come in quart (?) bottles. I went crazy and bought a whole case of the durn things! I use them in oatmeal, drinks, my morning protein shake... let your imagination run. I've even used them in cooking. yum

    You just might be able to have your favorite coffee...even if it isn't exactly the same as you've been used to! I believe Sam's carries (a very limited line of) the syrups. You might try one out before you go crazy like I did!
    1863 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!


    Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
    Melinda (gopintos)
    Perfect Health Diet Team
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    1868 days ago
    You can't use coffee creamer? Oh no, this means I have to toss my fave almond joy flavor! emoticon
    1869 days ago
    GREAT BLOG and I'm so proud of you!! Maybe experience with a few different options. I make my own cappuccino everyday, which consists of about 4oz. of 2% milk (which I could use skim) and ground espresso.

    I have the same problem as you, but with alcohol, and ask myself the same questions sometimes too. I have yet to take the actual step, like you have done, but I plan on doing it this year.

    It's actually started out good so far, as I have had the flu since Sunday, so, so far this week I've only had ONE 6oz. glass of wine!!! That's REALLY good for me, but it's cuz I'm sick. At least it's given me a head start! :)

    Keep up the EXCELLENT work and LET'S DO IT this year, ok??? :)
    1869 days ago
    Great insights! I too have had a hard time with keeping sweet out of my tea and coffee. I'm doing it now but I still struggle with it from time to time. I've finally adjusted to coffee with 2 TBS 18% cream, 2 TBS coconut oil, a teaspoon of raw cocoa and a dash of cinnamon. Whizzed up in the blender it's really not bad and all that comes to less than 200 calories, The really great thing about it though is that all the fat in it keeps me going at a high energy level and NO hunger until mid afternoon. I LOVE that. It often means I eat a late lunch and no dinner or just a snack of yogurt and berries.
    1870 days ago
  • DITA48
    It's small incremental changes that make all the difference! My wife and I gave up sugar in our coffee together. She still does cream, but I tried cream and no sugar once and said, hell, I don't want the extra fat/calories in the cream. I have drunk my coffee black for years now. I drink much less coffee, and I'm always happy wherever coffee is served, because I don't have to worry if they have "my" additives, be it a specific kind of cream, or a specific artificial sweetener, etc. It was an inadvertent simplification step which I was delighted with after the fact.

    1870 days ago
    I love chocolate. That's my problem.
    1870 days ago
    You made me laugh out loud. Because we all have that addiction or ok several addictions. Truly I found humor in this because I am always trying to talk myself around this sort of thing. I feel your pain..

    Have a great day
    1870 days ago
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