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Monday, January 07, 2013

I feel wonderful; nothing can dampen my day Ėor my spirit. Everything is on the up and up with me. Iím totally honest with what direction I plan on going, and I do understand that ďROMEĒ wasnít built in a day. I canít stress that enough. Every day is my awakening to NEW THINGS. A New beginning and the only way to begin is to be renewed in the spirit and understanding your purpose.

I wasnít meant to be in this one size fits all nation, and the more I think about plus size models (women) and big and tall (men) the more I understand, and the more I see that we are no longer left in the shadows of past existents. Oh, I can recall what a fashion model was back in the 80ís-mid 90ís. Rail thin, cheek bones showing, collar bones, hip bones, and to ďmostĒ that was the idea body, but thatís not the idea body anymore.

We have curves, we have hips, we have titts, and we donít take any sh-t!
We all are different and made in his image, and I feel if I was supposed to be rail thin Ėthen I would have kept my thin shape in 1993, but that wasnít my body direction, and my body has been forever changing.

I asked myself. What is a body? I mean really! What is a body?
A body is a vessel & housing for your spirit, and if your spirit isnít feeling at its best Ėitís going to show on your body. So what are you looking at Ėwhen you stand before the mirror? You are looking at the stressor of life and some neglect. Yes! I said neglect.

We neglect ourselves in so many ways, we place ourselves on the back burner, and we forget who we really are. Iím even going to throw this one out there; some of us never heardÖYou are beautiful or even handsome, so why bother. Why even try to look the part when you feel youíll never be the part. We hold a high dream and standards for those around us, but do we hold the same for ourselves. Thatís a question we all need to answer. Do you hold high standards for yourself?

I mean, whatís your overall grade.
Are you an A-B-C-D-or F?
Well, Iím giving myself an A.
Iím active and aware of what I plan on doing in 2013. I wonít let past actions get the best of me, and Iím talking about the negative ones. Iím blessed and happy with myself. And I think Iím awesome.

Iím planting seeds of truth in my life, and you all might have read a few of my blogs since 2013, and those blogs are very deep and personal, and thatís what Iím here to do, get personal and all up in this dark red Kool-Aid of lies and BS that others had shared or spoken about me.

I wonít be this ďFĒ in 2013 a failure. Iím going to grade myself with high positivity. Iím going to be the Affirmations I speak. Iím all about doing me and reaching my final destination in 2013.

*Feeling good*
*Loving me*
*Blessing me*
*Being that vessel God created me to be*
*And loving my life to the fullest*

All photos were taken today...
I give all thanks to god. With out him I am nothing...
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