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Monday, January 07, 2013

so i had a few thoughts since the last time i blogged... which, i know, wasn't that long ago.

1. i think that the key to my success HEAVILY lies on my ability to not let myself get hungry. that includes eating four small meals a day. some of my biggest screw-ups in the past (calorie wise) have happened while i was ravenously hungry. i've never been tested for diabetes (although it runs in my family, so i probably should) but i think that if i go too long between meals, my blood sugar drops and my body craves things that are high-calorie and high-fat. if i keep myself on an even keel, i tend to stick to my plan almost effortlessly. keyword: almost. i still have to consciously tend to my feelings about food, but it makes the battle quite a bit easier if i'm not hungry. it sounds a little counterintuitive, but it makes sense to me.

2. as a student of psychotherapy, who is leaning towards using CBT in her future work, i should probably consider practicing some techniques on myself. one simple, but really effective technique that i could employ would be positive reinforcement. if you're reading this and you're not quite sure what that is, it's very simple. basically, if you do something good (like achieving a goal), you get a reward. if you don't get to the goal, then you don't get the reward. since punishment doesn't pair well with dieting, i think this would be a good way for me to go about keeping myself accountable for my weight loss. since i have 55 pounds to lose before i hit my goal weight, i think it would be a cool idea for me to set up a reward for each 5 pounds i lose. that results in 11 rewards throughout this process, as long as i stick to plan. the way i see it is i can give myself 10 small rewards for each 5 pounds up to 50 and then a big reward for achieving the final goal. i haven't decided what i want those rewards to be yet. maybe it should just be something that i want at the end of each 5 pounds. like a new color nail polish or something along those lines.

3. over the past two years, i've worked on beating down my stress level. i'm happy that i'm doing much better now than i was when i started, however i'm still not at a good place. i get really stressed out way too easily and i tend to not realize it when it happens, so it's hard for me to rationalize my behavior when i'm in the heat of the moment. to be productive about this, i've joined a challenge! i'm hoping to keep up with the challenge, as well as work towards my other goals.

4. i'm not proud enough of myself for making it through 3 days of being on plan. before i started, i talked myself down with so much negative self talk. i told myself i couldn't do it, that i was just going to be fat for the rest of my life, that i'm going to fail, that success wasn't an option for me, etc. so, for me to make it through 3 days of being on plan and to not feel as though it was NEARLY as much of a challenge as i anticipated should be celebrated. a little piece of me is proud. so i'm going to channel that part of me and brag for a little bit.

i'm not a quitter. i never have been. i like to see things through because i start what i finish. i am strong. i do so many amazing things on a daily basis. this is just another amazing thing that i'm totally capable of. this is the key to unleashing the healthy girl that's always been inside of me. what i've done these past three days is not impossible. i have the will power and the determination to be successful. failure is not creeping around the corner waiting to get me. i am better than that. i deserve to treat my body and mind good with quality fuel, quality sleep, quality exercise, and quality self-talk. I AM CAPABLE. there might be days where i feel like quitting, but each new day is another opportunity for me to be successful. i can do this.

okay. thank you for allowing me to do some public positive self talk. really.

i think that's everything that i wanted to say. here's to a third, successful day living a healthy lifestyle. i'm on my way!
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  • LE7_1234
    K8, I think you're doing a great job looking into the feelings behind the feelings.

    And I think turning things around so you're rewarded for the positive is totally the way to go. Looking for successes, for what you're doing right, will really help you stay on track in the long term.

    It also helps a LOT to participate in teams, because then you'll know for sure that your thoughts aren't just going into the void. :-) This is what has really made the difference for me. Early weight loss attempts, ages ago, were moderately successful but didn't last. When I finally started reaching out for support, my results were better *and* longer lasting. (I've been more or less maintaining for several years now.) It helps to find mixed teams--some new dieters with a lot of "spark", and some veterans who can help you with the practical, long-term solutions.

    If you're looking for other people who are just starting out, you can go to the main blog page, scroll down to "New Blog Entries", and then click "Click to see only members' 1st blog". (That's how I found yours!)

    Enjoy the journey!

    1868 days ago
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