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She Didnt Get There Sitting Around

Monday, January 07, 2013

So today Spark encouraged me to revisit the concept of a 'collage' for inspiration. Its supposed to include motivating pictures, words that help me focus on my goals. My goal to loose weight, become stronger, fitter, faster... My goal to be a role model... My goals to be a kinder, more loving person (on my death bed Id probably regret being cruel or selfish more than having a few extra pounds- but really, the two shouldnt have anything to do with each other, haha, hopefully there is time for both ;) )... my goal to be a better, more agile dancer- and mother :)

So I thought Id put up a quick blog about someone that inspires me. Ok, so she inspires my fitness. I dont know anything about her except that shes as fit as they come- no idea if shes in anyway loving, kid, etc, but Ive got other role models and inspirers for that :)

Ok so Sofia Boutella is as hot and amazing as they come. Shes a crazy, mad dancer with gorgeous creativity. Its no fluke Nike snatched her up for their add campaign.

Here she is:

And again:

One thing is clear- she did not get where she is by sitting around. I imagine that she spends hours a day dancing, refining her craft, and therefore her physique. I dont have hours a day to give to fitness- bbut I definitely have more time than I think.

In grad school if I got my reading done, I could just pack my bag and go spend hours at the school dance studio. And I did. and it was awesome.

Now I dont have that freedom. Im a mom. And studying. But. But. But. Too many buts.

Ive been trying to make about 45 minutes each day for exercise of some kind- and Ive been succeeding! With that realization under my belt I am wondering how many more minutes there might be. Eating a healthy diet takes no extra time really, just focus. Exercising more, building muscle and flexibility can, however. yes I do squats while I brush my teeth. And I hold baby high above my head to work my arms. BUT theres probably even more time there- if Im motivated. I shouldnt let my focus scare me off- I should not feel guilty.

It aint going to happen sitting around.

Thanks Sofia. Im on it.

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