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Monday, January 07, 2013

Today is day 10 of my current streak!

I've given myself a challenge....to workout during commercial breaks of The Biggest Loser! Great way to get a little extra fitness in, huh? I will be doing step ups on my step bench, wall sits, dumbbell curls, squats and whatever else I happen to be in the mood for. The show's season just started last night, so I have a lot of commercial break workouts ahead of me!

You know, I've watched almost every season of the Biggest Loser, and although the show really motivated me, I didn't actually APPLY that motivation. I would sit and watch the show while chowing down on junk food! I would stuff my face and think "I wish I could go on that show", or "I'm going to start getting in shape...tomorrow!"

But the days went by.....the weeks and months and even years went by....and I did nothing to improve my life and health. I was just wishing my life away, instead of actually getting up off my butt and working to make my wishes come true. Each season of the Biggest Loser would come and go, and the only change I made in my life was that I just got heavier and more out of shape.

Well, things are so different now! I no longer sit around stuffing my face and wishing for weight loss and good health. Last March, I started taking control....I began working on a brand new, healthy lifestyle. I eat right and I exercise. I've completely eliminated junk food from my diet (and I rarely eat any processed foods). I move more and sit less.

Last night as I was doing my commercial break exercises, I actually started to cry. They were tears of gratitude and happiness and relief! I'm not the same person I was this time last year. I am healthier, fitter and 71 pounds lighter! I don't need to be on the Biggest Loser, because I'm finally taking control of my life, my health and my weight. I'm no longer a prisoner of my own obesity, trapped in an unhealthy body, unable to move freely and without pain. I'm a new person now, one who loves to workout, one who craves healthy food, one who thanks God every day for helping me to keep pushing forward towards my goals.

I'm still far from where I want to ultimately end up, but I'm also far away from who I used to be! I can't help but think ahead, to where I could be this time next year, watching the Biggest Loser. It amazes me to think that I will be at my goal size by then, as long as I keep on working hard and never give up!

I might not be the Biggest Loser....but I think I'm the happiest one!

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