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Baby Calisthenics and a workout is behind me.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Here we are a few days into me getting back to the regularly scheduled programming where posting to my blog goes and I am feeling pretty decent as to where I am. My intake is going well and I am almost done with coffee again, next on the agenda is getting to bed early again as I end up staying awake until at least 12AM most nights. Sleep is a very important ingrediant in a solid weight loss better health plan and I know this yet I am still staying up late because its what I have been doing, it will come together.

What I need to do is ramp my exercise again, I am currently just doing what I am calling "Baby Calisthenics" as I am home with the 20 month old all day I may as well incorperate her into my exercise rght? so today I did crunches in 3 different positions while she beat on my abdomin and dove across my mid section. Following the crunches we did some "Baby Bench presses" This is where I lay on my back on the living room floor and do exactly that, I bench press the baby! She counts along and laughs and since my hands are very close together I can actually feel it a bit in my arms with the high reps. After the presses we did some squats, I held her in front of me and when I came up I tossed her into the air and caught her then back down for the next rep, talk about making getting some light movements into your day fun! I closed with some push ups, she mainly watched me and tried to mimic what I was doing but it was fun and thinking about how I may be installing good habits into her gray matter made it that much sweeter.

Over all I am feelig better than I was 2 weeks ago and its amazing how just eating better will do that, go figure! who wouldda thunk? As I sit here typing this post out I am thinking about my bike riding or I should say the lack of my bike riding in the recent months, this must be remidied. My trainer is set up with my K2 and the Trek scowles at me as it sits next to my bed for tha lack of riding time its gotten last year. My legs are far from what they were when I was riding regularly but I am going to slowly get them back so that hopefully I can get back out there sooner than later and hit the trail.

Later than normal this post floats into the blogosphere but alas! Baby Calisthenics was more important and truly more fun! Making batter choices with my intake once again is proving positive of course and hopefully the pounds will start dropping from my bones and I can get to posting images of items matching what I weigh. Friday I will post my weight good bad or ugly and I am so far from where I was that its gonna be ugly any way its cut! BUT it is what it is and it shall be so.

Thats all I got for today, check me out again tomorrow and remember don' be shy! leave me a comment, opinion, reccomendation in the comments, its always good to get those.

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  • PSMITH3841
    I used to do Baby Calisthenics with my kids when they were babies and toddlers., we had all kinds of they got older, and started to weigh more, I had to stop using them as "equipment' but they would "exercise" with Mommy. The habit stuck with my son, but my daughter...not so much! It's good to hear you enthusiastic about your program again! Yay!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1509 days ago
    I wish I'd kept up the baby calisthenics. Do you suppose if I had I could bench press my 15 year old? :).
    1509 days ago
  • BILL60
    Way to improvise. Now, if you could incorporate the bike, the world would be close to perfect. Hang tough!!
    1509 days ago
    Good to see you're keeping with it. I am too so far. Things are feeling better every day.
    1509 days ago
    Great blog. So happy to read that you are gettin into your program!
    1509 days ago
    Your Baby Calisthenics are giant in so many ways: fitness-check; child/dad bonding-triple check; role-modeling-double check; low-cost-check. You're The Man!

    1510 days ago
    Baby it1 That is called making lemonade out of lemons.. making use of what you have at hand lol! By the way, last year I finally got myself a bike trainer. I live in Oregon and it rains here A LOT so being able to ride my bike indoors is great and I am sweating buckets in no time at all.

    1510 days ago
    Exercise should be fun! I'm glad you found a way to make it fun. Keep it up!
    1510 days ago
    That's the spirit! Way to SPARK!

    I got back to my 1st Spinning class after a few weeks of backsliding and OOF how quickly we lose it!

    But like you: back in the saddle! :-)

    1510 days ago
    Baby Calisthenics sounds like fun!
    (I remember those days....)
    Well done!
    1510 days ago
    That sounds like a great and fun workout!
    1510 days ago
    Any fun workout is more likely to be completed and repeated, so keep the fun rolling!
    1510 days ago
  • THOMS1
    1510 days ago
    when my kids were little they sure kept me running after them, but in physical good shape, so enjoy the personal time with your tot as well as getting healthy
    1510 days ago
    You are a superdad...doing those workouts with your daughter.
    Keep up the great work.
    When you do the pushups can she get on your back as you get stronger? Just an idea.
    I saw this video on Facebook it was to the theme song "I'm sexy and I know it" well they changed the words to "I'm a daddy and I know it" It was really cute, I wish I could find it for you. I'm sure you would laugh. emoticon
    1510 days ago
    YES!!!! that is great resistance to start with! Pushups-when you're ready, have baby on your back!!! My 28 # son will try that with me but I can't get all the way up anymore! (of course, I've got a nice belly on me right now, too). I did the squats with babies and 6 yr olds ,too. And doing leg raises while you're on a dining room chair or something and baby on your leg...that'll get your legs ready for the bike.!!!!
    I like your current status and heck no, Baby! I'm not getting in your way!!! You're on a roll and you kick a%% when you're on a roll!!!!!
    1510 days ago
    Nice to see you returning to regular posting. I find reading your latest blog to be an integral part of my own healthy routine.

    Baby calisthenics sounds like lots of fun. I've found that raising and lowering small children can be excellent exercise, and also a great way to entertain impatient children when you are trying to have a conversation with his/her parent.
    1510 days ago
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