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My fitness goals have hit a snag...I mean telephone pole ;(

Monday, January 07, 2013

Here is a pic of me, smiling- on January 1st...

I was happy because I was sledding with my friends, having fun & being active- had in fact done a good hour long hike earlier that day,
& had been to the gym with my daughter the day before.

I was on a nice streak of fitness...then, WHAM!

I hit a telephone pole with both knees on the way down a fairly large hill (name of the street I was sledding on is Prospect Hill, to give you an idea...)

One- I am lucky to be alive, it could have been my head.
Two- nothing is broken!
Three-I am so much better than I was !

But, it is hard to walk/bend my healing knees. The bruises were so bad & knees were so swollen I looked like I had gout!
Crazy looking, like not my legs at all. I will spare you That picture. But the swelling has gone down, & I have knee-caps again.
I even slept without the big band-aid last night.

So, I have not exercised, & I have treated myself with extra chocolates.

But I feel guilty , & wish I had my arm weights here in my office because I would do some curls.
I need to do something.

& next time I go sledding, it will be in a safer place!!

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