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From Diabesity to Fabulosity with Jesus Christ as my Personal Trainer

Monday, January 07, 2013

From Diabesity to Fabulosity with Jesus as my Personal Trainer By Naomi M. Melendez
A daily Blog of my experiences as I diet and exercise to achieve my goals, in getting back to fitness and health thru my faith and perseverance.
Day 1 Nov 18
Female, Weight: 312 Lbs. Age: 51.
A Diabetic with High blood pressure diagnosis and morbidly obese, aka Diabesity.

Tried the treadmill this morning. While watching the news, I did 5 minutes of average pace walking and burned a mere 12 calories.
Hopefully I will train my body back to fitness within 6 months.
My temporary goal is to burn up 35 lbs by my next birthday in March.
My permanent goal is to lose at least 100 lbs by this time next year.
Keep me in your prayers. :)
Day 2 Nov 19
Going to work out i am actually going to work out!!! Now I can show off that I too work out like the other beautiful people who dress up in slick and stylish workout gear. he he me in my wrinkled pajamas about to walk the treadmill and i can do it cause no one sees me and I can watch whatever I want on the big flat screen tv while walking and feel unashamed of my body. YAY!!! be back in 8-10 mins. LOL
oh and thanks for all the positive feedback from you all thank you Love you. GBU.
Below is a pic of the torture machine hehe.

Day 3 Nov 20
Today while watching Law & Order SVU, I walked the treadmill for 15:09 mins. and burned 67 calories,
Did much better today.
Ate 4 egg whites, hard boiled, 3 strips of bacon, diet cranberry and grapefruit juice. No bread.
Feeling good, thank you Jesus. Below is a pic of me on the machine.

Day 4 Nov 21
Woke up to a super foggy day. I am feeling rested. I got online to lead the Secondlife HOP Church Morning Prayers Service.
Here is a pic of me while online.
Now I will be going on the treadmill again and hoping to go over 20 mins today. Have a blessed day all.

Day 5 Nov 22
Just finished my morning workout.
Wow did 30:32 minutes and burned 160 calories. It was harder today but I prayed for mor stamina and the LORD came thru for me. Haleluyah.

Day 6 Nov 23
Today I woke up fully rested, thirsty and cold. the temperature went from 60F to 30F overnight brrrr.
Well I got a goal of 45 minutes on the treadmill today, let's see how that goes.
Last night I did not overeat the food so I am very proud of myself. Yay! Haleluyah!
GBU all my FB family and friends, see you later.
YAY! I did not meet the 45 minute goal this morning, but I passed yesterday's number, today I did 36:24 and burned 156 calories, did 1.33 miles...yesssss! Thank you LORD.

It is 10:05 pm I am feeling hungry and will grab a yogurt then watch some tv and go to sleep Good nite FB family God bless you.

Day 7 Nov 24
Good morning all.
Today I get to do 2 workouts, one before breakfast and the next one before dinner.
So, this morning I did 25:39 minutes and burned 102 calories. My afternoon workout goal is another 15-20 minutes.
Getting the hang of it. Have a blessed day everyone. xxxoooxxx

DAY 8 Nov 25
Today is a lovely day in Elgin. The temperature is cold but sunny. Having the sunshine can really lift up your mood. Thank you LORD.
I hope all are doing well. Happy Sunday to all.
I will be doing a short workout today. See you in about 30 mins. GBU.:-)
DAY 8 Part 2
I worked out for 45:50 minutes and burned 168 calories.
I am increasing in stamina and was able to recite 10 bible verses out loud while using the treadmill and did not lose my breath.
I am so very proud of myself.
3 months ago I couldn't even walk 2 blocks with out trying to catch my breath. Thank you LORD.

DAY 9 Nov 26
It's been 9 days already and it feels as if I just started.
Last night i was watching that made for TV movie about Liz Taylor and it got me thinking...I do NOT want to be like her...ever!!!
So now I am determined more than ever to succeed on my journey from the land of Diabesity to the land of Fitness.
I am going to walk for 45 - 60 minutes and burn 200 calories today. I proclaim it done in Jesus' name, Amen. Thank you LORD for your help.

Part 1 for today is done...I manage to walk at a good brisk pace for 50:25 minutes, burned 175 calories and completed 7 laps around the virtual track....part 2 of today's workout will r4esume in 2 hours and hope to complete another 20-25 minutes, getting the most time and the most burned calories today so far...Thank you GOD, for lovingly giving me the determination, discipline, stamina and endurance to achieve my goals to a healthier body, mind and spirit. Amen!
YAY! Part 2 for today...manage to complete 32.18 more minutes and burned another 114 calories. Thank You LORD now I go to Bible Study at HOP in Secondlife.
So I walked a total of one hour and 22 minutes and burned a total of 289 calories in one day. This is easier done by dividing the workouts into 2. I will modify my workouts into 2 a day, it's more efficient this way. Haleluyah.

DAY 10 Nov 27
Good morning all.
Woke up to a local temp of 19 f (-7 c) and jumped out of bed without breathing heavily.
Been a long time before I could do that. I feel lighter.
I thank the LORD for the stamina and endurance to continue with my goal to lose weight and get stronger and healthier.
I will be doing 2 workouts per day now and I find it much better than one long workout.
I accomplish more in 2 parts than in one.
Have a blessed day! :-)
OK I just completed Part 1 of my workout for today, I walked for 40:50 minutes and burned 137 calories, and did 5 laps around the virtual track. Part 2 will be in 3 hours and will do another 25 minutes.
Thank you LORD....By the way a FB friend gave me a link to a website called is a helpful website for people who are losing weight and is the largest online diet and healthy living community with over 12 million registered members.

DAY 11 Nov 28
Hello all, hope you are all having a great day.
My goal today is to do 2 workouts of 30 minutes each and burn 300 calories.
I thank the LORD for the stamina and endurance for me to achieve my goals. God bless you all and thank you for your words of encouragement and emotional support.
Part 1...Just completed 42:12 minutes, burned 149 calories ans walked 6 laps, over 1.339 miles. Haleluyah! Thank you Lord. I find that talking with the Lord and reciting scripture verses makes the time fly so quickly for me while working out and helps me with my breathing.
Part 2 will be spent walking around Wal-Mart for an hour while shopping for a few items and getting some fresh air. The temperature outside is warmer than the last couple of days so it will be a nice day. Also my blood sugar level is now100 points lower than last week. Thank you GOD.

DAY 12 Nov 29
Wow it's been that long already? Feels like I just started.
Last night I felt my blood pressure was high, I don't know why but I was laying down trying to sleep and my heart was beating too fast or something. It might be the meatballs I ate with the salad. Could have been heartburn.
Anyway I prayed about it and within a few minutes it was gone and I went to sleep. Thank You LORD.

Today's goal:
Morning Part 1: 45 minutes walking and burn 150 calories.
Afternoon Part 2: 30 minutes walking and burn 100 calories
Well I did not get to do Part 2 of my routine today, was too tired...I did eat a huge salad and a bit of soup for dinner and my body just needs to rest...I have been working out every day since I started on Nov 18...I Will have to do harder tomorrow...Lord have mercy... Well goodnight FB family and friends God bless you.

DAY 13 Nov 30
After a day feeling guilty for not completing Part 2 of yesterday's goal, I went all full force this morning completing one full hour of walking on the treadmill.

I burned 211 calories.
8 laps around the virtual track.
1.8 miles.
I am so proud of myself today.
Thank you LORD for the energy and stamina to complete this goal.
I also checked my blood sugar and it was even lower than yesterday morning by 75 points. Haleluyah
DAY 14 Dec 1
Good morning FB family and friends.
Yes finally 2 weeks!!!
Today I got up early and turned on the TV watched the cute cats show on animal planet for about 20 minutes (so cute), then prepared for my work -out.
I feel lighter and now and my pants are very loose.
Part 1
Walked for 48:09 minutes on a 3.0 incline making it more intense.
Burned 170 calories. Completed 6 laps on the virtual track.
Walked for 1.4 miles.
Hopefully Part 2 will break my current record :-)
Thank you LORD for giving me the stamina and endurance to continue on this journey to the land of fitness.
Part 2 - Did a short workout, 16:02 minutes, 89 calories burned, 2 laps. Add that to part one and I am done for today. A total of 64:11 minutes walked and 259 calories burned for today. Wheew! Thank you Jesus!

Day 15 Dec 2
Hello FB family and friends.

I spent the morning having a nice breakfast and watching Pastor Charles Stanley from In Touch Ministries, I really like the way he teaches/preaches God's word every Sunday.

Today I am only doing one workout in the afternoon, sort of taking it easy today, I do need to take one day a week to relax a bit.

I have also been watching some interesting and helpful videos on healthy cooking and low-fat, low-carb, high protein, recipes from Michael Kory Fitness and his lean body lifestyle videos.

I posted the link to his videos. recipes are quick and very easy to follow.

Tonight I am making oven fried chicken breasts using his recipe and will add a mixed salad with a cucumber yogurt with dill weed salad as a dressing.

Here is the pic I of the low fat version of oven fried chicken dinner I made using Michael Kory's recipe.

DAY 16 Dec 3
Oh boy Monday again Hello FB family.
Since I took a break yesterday, I will need more energy and stamina today to accomplish my goal for today.
I am motivated and ready to go.
PART 1: my goal is to complete 45 plus minutes and burn at least 150 calories. All done in Jesus' name, amen.
Se you later God bless you.
YAY! I did an hour walking at a 2 .4 speed, 2.0 incline and burned 224 calories, completed 8 laps around the virtual track and walked 1.9 miles. I am proud of myself, Today I made up for not working out Yesterday. So, I passed my goal for today.Also, my blood sugar count is again lower than 3 days ago and I am feeling so good. Thank you LORD.
Eating 3 hard-boiled egg whites and 3 small sausage links for breakfast.
Just protein, no bread, no butter, no salt, just a bit of Mrs. Dash's Fiesta salt lots of flavor.
Also grapefruit juice, it lowers blood pressure. :-)

DAY 17 Dec 4
Good morning FB.
Ugh woke up with a headache, nevertheless, I will workout and be healthy and rebuke this pain and laugh and pray and glorify GOD no matter what.
Just finished the Morning Prayers Service on Secondlife @ HOP Church in SL and now taking care of me. :) God bless you all. Have a happy and peaceful day.
Ok I completed my workout. The results are:1 hour and 7 minutes brisk walking, burned 235 calories and completed almost 9 laps around the virtual track, walked for almost 2 miles, it was 1.9 miles and my headache is gone.

DAY 18 Dec 5
Hello FB family and friends.
Today I weighed myself early in the morning and discovered that I have lost 12 Lbs in 18 days. Thank You LORD for helping me.
My plan and goal is to lose 35 Lbs or more by my birthday in March, and continue to lose until I reach my goal of 100 Lbs by this time next year.
Now is workout time Oy vey! See you later God bless you.
Just completed my workout for today, walked for 1 hour 7 minutes, burned 247 calories, completed 2.056 miles and walked 9 laps around the virtual track. WOW I was watching CNN then Cheaters, then Animal cops Miami, kept me distracted while I was sweating up a storm, yuk. But I manage to complete my goal for today. Thank You GOD.
Tonight I made a Greek salad with feta cheese and Hummus with toasted whole grain flat bread chips. So yummy. :) Here is a pic of my dinner.

DAY 19 Dec 6
Hello everyone.
I hope you are having a great day, I know I am.
After weighing myself and seeing I lost 12 lbs in the last 18 days, I have decided to get more intensive with my work out. Let's see how that goes.
Many of you have expressed interest in my health and well being, therefore all health and nutritional advice is truly welcomed. Thanks for your support I really appreciate it.
I thank GOD for all of you, may you all be blessed. ♥
Part 1 of today's workout is complete. Walked for 32:33 minutes and burned 123 calories, 5 laps, 1.067 miles. part 2 will be completed before dinner time. I find that completing Part 2 of the workout goes easier for me and I can go further longer in the afternoon. Now taking a break from my exercise to get ready for the Women's Ministry. I teach a weekly study on the Women of the Bible Series, in Secondlife, at God's House of prayer Church.
OK Part 2 of my workout will start now before dinner so I can get some calories burned, he he making room for new healthier calories LOL. Be back with results in an hour.

Part 2 Done, walked for another31:08 minutes, burned another 120 calories, did 4 laps and 0.921 mile. I am done today. Thank you Lord God. Today's totals are: 1 hour and 3:41 minutes, burned 240 calories, 9 laps and almost 2 miles. Thank you LORD. GBU.

DAY 20 Dec 7
Good day to all my FB friends and family. i hope and pray you are all doing well.
Part 1 of my workout
I walked for 40:24 minutes,
burned 255 calories,
completed 6 laps around virtual track and
walked for 1.376 miles. Thank You Lord God for the stamina and endurance. Haleluyah!
I look forward to wearing the dress that is 2 sizes smaller for New years eve. So, I am very excited and motivated to win this challenge and get to my 1st temporary goal.
I will do the Part 2 of my workout int he afternoon, so i will follow-up with results later God bless you. ♥
My Lunch today...
BIG salad (lettuce, tomato, radish, broccoli, cucumber)
Lite Italian dressing
Tuna mixed with Hummus, Celery and Blueberries
Whole grain flat bread.
Parts 1 & 2 Combined Results:
1 hour and 10 minutes, burned 439 calories, 10 laps, and 2.3 miles. YESSSSSSS!!!! Whew I am tired.

DAY 21 Dec 8
Hello FB family and friends, hope you are having a fabulous Saturday. It is a very nice, sunny day, 40 F or 4 C temperature.

Part 1
Walked for 46:10 minutes, burned 281 calories, completed 7 laps, and 1.5 miles. Thank you God.
I hope to double the results for Part 2 of today's workout.
Have a blessed day.
My Greek Style Lunch pic below:
Part 2 never happened, I was too tired to do the 2nd workout, so tomorrow I will catch-up. According to my daily totals, I have met the calorie burning requirements for this week. So it's OK to miss part 2 today. I am supposed to burn 990 calories a week to lose 2 Lbs per week and I have been burning 1300 calories per week so far...and consuming less than 1,000 calories a day.
Land of FITNESS here I come!
Day 22 Dec 9
I woke up very early, made lunch for my roommate to take to Church with him.
I got my workout out of the way.
I completed 51:14 minutes and burned 324 calories, completed 8 laps and 1.8 miles. Haleluyah!
I am glad that's over with.
I am taking the rest of the day for myself and GOD, Church time!
Have a blessed day all.
DAY 23 Dec 10
This morning i woke up early to a very cold day. It's 30F /-1C outside. Brrrrr.
Last night I cooked chicken fried rice with lots of vegetables and was so hungry I had seconds, so now I feel bloated uumph, not a good feeling. After not having rice for a few weeks now I feel how bad it is to eat carbs while trying to lose weight. Don't do it.
I am also cutting out whole wheat bread, it is causing me to have headaches. I will look into gluten - free foods.
Time for my work-out, have a blessed day everyone.
Part 1, I completed the workout with these results:
Walked 51:33 minutes, burned 316 calories, 7 laps. 1.688 miles, at a 2.5 speed.
Part 2 later today.
Thank you LORD. Haleluyah!
Part 2, I walked for 10 minutes more, burned an extra 60 calories, and added 1 more lap, so not a lot. but the total for both Parts is: walked for 1 hour and 1 minute, burned 376 calories, 8 laps and 1.987 miles.

DAY 24 Dec 11
Hello to all.
Today I cooked some delicious vegetable soup from scratch.
It is my breakfast and my lunch for today.

I used only fresh vegetables, except for the sweet peas, they were frozen. Onion, green onions, broccoli, tomato, garlic, carrots celery and cilantro. I added some soy sauce for flavor and cumin powder, and black pepper and Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning.
and I topped it off with a spoonful of sour cream to top it off. Delicious.

I completed the 1st part of my daily workout. Thank you God. :)
Walked 42:02 minutes, burned 262 calories, walked 7 laps and 1.507 miles.
I will do Part 2 before dinner time. Have a blessed day all.
Day 25
I took a day for me to take care of me. MUAH! Kisses. God bless you.
DAY 26
Hello to all.
Today back to walking on the treadmill and sweat. Yesterday had a much needed break. I enjoyed pampering myself as a reward for my efforts. Looking forward to next month's pampering day. :)
My goal for today is to walk for an hour and burn over 200 calories. let's see how that goes. Thank you LORD for your blessings of strength and stamina during the workouts. Amen. ♥

Only did a few minutes of the workout today, was not feeling "it" today with all the cramps and minor headaches ( comes with the PMS) so i decided to chill out for today. I hope you all had a wonderful day. Hugs God bless you.
DAY 27
Today is Friday, December 14, 2012 and outside weather it feels like it's late October. Sunny and cool but not overly cold. I really like that.
I am feeling upbeat and ready to tackle another workout and
to try new healthy recipes. Thank you GOD for another day and for the stamina and energy you have given me to accomplish my goals for today. Have a blessed day everyone.
Today I could not focus much. I spent most of the day glued to the TV watching the news. I am feeling sadness and cannot concentrate on anything today. So I picked myself up and prayed, made an effort and managed to workout for 35 minutes and burned 210 calories while watching the news and asking myself, why?... My heart goes out to the children and the families of the victims of this senseless tragedy. Rest in heavenly peace little ones.
DAY 28
Today I checked my blood sugar level, and I am very happy to say that it is at the lowest level since I started the "From Diabesity to Fabulosity with Jesus as my Personal Trainer" Diet and Exercise Program. Thank you LORD! Today's goal is to workout for an hour in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon and to burn 300 calories. Have a blessed and peaceful day all.
Ok I completed my workout for today and accomplished my goal and more. As you can see, I manage to burn over the amount I was hoping for, 326 calories and in less than an hour. Thank you JESUS!
DAY 29
Good Sunday to all.
Today I made myself a toasted pita pocket with vegetable cream cheese and sliced tomatoes for breakfast and some 50% less sugar orange juice.

I have decided to do an after noon workout today and so for the morning, I am relaxed and watching Christian Church programs and also the History channel on TV.

I hope you are all having a blessed day.
I failed to do my workout today, instead I took a break. Hope to do it better tomorrow.
DAY 30
Good morning my FB family and friends.
I woke up an hour earlier today to get my 1st workout out of the way and I am so glad I did it.

Lost another pound. He he, a pound is a pound. Ever seen a pound of butter? Well it is huge. So I am happy.

Have a blessed day everyone, remember to hug your loved ones and kiss them and tell them you love them and then follow- up with action. GOD Bless you.♥
DAY 31
Today is Monday, 12/18/12 Cloudy and cold.
I woke up early and got Part 1 of my workout done. Walked for 23:13 minutes and burned 147 calories and 4 laps, half a mile. Thank you GOD! Then I logged on to Secondlife and lead the Morning Prayer service at God's House of prayer Church (HOP).

I Ate my breakfast of 4 hard boiled egg whites with 2 pieces of turkey sausage and a cup of skim milk, no bread.

I will do Part 2 this afternoon before dinnertime and hope to reach my goal of burning 300 calories for today.
Have a blessed day everyone.♥
It is now 8:00 am, at aprox. 6:02 am I was dreaming... in my dream I was in a bed and it was shaking and things falling down around me from the walls. I woke up feeling like some earthquake was going on. So I go back to sleep and I wake up at 8 am and go to my computer and I Google any earthquakes happening and sure enough at the same time of my dream there was an earthquake.
2 hours ago 3.8 Offshore Northern California
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 04:02:23 AM at epicenter
LORD have mercy.
DAY 32
Going to Working out now, Part 1 Goal: 20 minutes and burn 150 calories.
God bless you all. See you later
MY PART 1 workout results are: Walking for 36:35 minutes, Burned 242 calories, Completed 6 laps around virtual track, and Walked for 1.2 miles...this may not be much for someone who is already fit, but for me it is a successful achievement of a task and I am very happy for doing it. Thank you JESUS, the best personal trainer ever.
PART 2 of my workout I will be doing while I walk all over the huge supermarket today I plan to spend 2 hours walking around, pushing the shopping cart looking for diet foods, comparing prices and lifting stuff (toning muscles) LOL. That should help me burn another 80 - 100 calories. See you later when I get back GOD bless you all.

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