RE: Friday 28th December 2012.

Monday, January 07, 2013

RE: Friday 28th December 2012, this was a busy, time day for me, as i thought that, there were no Buses, running (they never, ran this time last, year 2011 !!!! !!!!, ) at all as, i waited & checked, lol lol lol lol, getting back to my, busy time day etc, i decided to walk, up town & using, my Shopping Trolley etc, i had sum cash, (£20.00) + a Gift, Card (£20.00) my 1st.

Port of call (, very old Sailing Phrase, ) was to pop, into Argos to get, myself a new Vacuum, Cleaner as my old, 1 had been Knackered, through really hard vigorous, use lol lol lol.

TBC TBC TBC TBC emoticon emoticon emoticon
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