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Whole30 - Days 4-6

Monday, January 07, 2013

Check the vlogs:

Day 4 wasn't too awful bad. I was hungry something awful because the lunch I thought I had in the fridge was more snack size, so Hubs and I stopped at the market on the way home where I picked up some nuts, grapes, and a pound of ground buffalo. (Was trying to get some WV-raised ground lamb but they were out. *pouts*)

I made yet another soup. This one had ground beef, ground pork, roasted garlic chicken sausage, tomatoes, carrots and mushrooms.

Of course then someone pointed out to me that stewed tomatoes and Rotel (what I had left in the pantry) probably had sugar in them. Can't verify, but I'm about 99.9% sure they're right. *sigh* I honestly never thought to check. Trying to be more vigilant about that now.

Day 5 was a little more difficult and I was a little more cranky. I overslept a bit and then had to rush a bit to get everyone ready to go out the door to meet my mom in Jackson, a Bob Evans. *bites nails* Honestly, the worst part about Whole30 (but the fact that we are currently strapped for cash means this is also a good thing) is eating out is SCARY. You can only control so much when you're eating out. There are no ingredient labels and you have no clue if the guy in the back with the hairnet just cooked your lovely salmon filet in a pound of butter. You can ask some of the good waitresses and waiters for help, but we didn't have one of those that day. :/

So what did I do? One egg, over medium, 2 sausage links (edit: 3...I stole one of Logan's but he had a HUGE breakfast AND I gave him my biscuit AND he ate the rest of his father's sausage gravy. Seriously, having a 13-year-old boy is enough to make any woman go broke!) and a fruit cup (which to BE means a bunch of cantelope - which I hate - and a few grapes and pineapple slices). It was hard, I'm not going to lie. I was surrounded by all the things I love - pancakes, home fries (I actually tried to steal one of these from's a grey area to me...but I actually spit it out because it tasted like there was ant spray on it! EW! I made the girl take it back and bring something else for Hubs because him with food poisoning = hell for me! ;) ), chicken pot pie, banana bread, biscuits, sausage gravy. There was one point when Ethan turned to me and said, "My hot chocolate tastes watery. Mom, will you try this and tell me if you think it tastes watery?" I was surprised I didn't miss a beat and said, "Honey, I can't try that. Not even a sip." He looked at me confused and "sugar" was all I had to say to make him understand.

Slaying the sugar demon is HARD, guys. Super hard. I sure hope it's friggin' worth it!

For dinner we had our buffalo/bison burgers with homemade mayo. Secret? Homemade mayo is better than anything store bought. No lie. It's easy to make and tastes great and the only ingredients are eggs, red wine vinegar (or lemon juice), olive oil, salt, and cayenne pepper. I don't have to worry about anything when I eat this because I know it's "safe". I also use it to make all of my salad dressings. The one I whipped up the other day? I just threw an avocado and a bit of water (as a thinner) into the food processor with some of the mayo and made Avacado Dream Dressing. (That's what I call it.) Tossed in a bit of basil for kicks. YUM! (That's what's on my salad.)

Before heading home to cook our burgers, though, I had to stop by the store for tomatoes and pickles. I can eat a burger without a bun, but without pickles? You have GOT to be kidding me! ;) Would you know that the first jar I picked up of Vlassic pickles had HFCS in it?! Can you friggin' believe it!? There is NO reason to put sugar in regular pickles. It should be cucumbers, vinegar, and spices. Done and done. Maybe something to make them last longer on the shelf, but NEVER sugar! EW! Maybe this is why I've never really cared for Vlassic pickles...

Day 6

Day 6 was difficult too because we ended up eating out again. *sigh* It was honestly unavoidable. We had taken my MIL to the craft store in Charleston (I was looking for yarn, she was looking for beads) and we ended up spending so long at store #1 that we were all hungry after. Honestly, I would've been fine just pushing through until I could find (1) some nuts or (2) some fruit or (3) a way back home, but they all wanted to eat and we ended up at Wendy's.

What did I end up with? Their cobb salad without cheese, tomatoes or dressing. So basically - lettuce, egg, bacon, grilled chicken. You remember how I said you can ask your waiter/waitress to help you but the girl at BE wasn't helpful? Well the girl at the register at Wendy's totally was. We talked about how the chicken was prepared and she assured me there was no glaze on it. She said they would make my salad fresh to order without any cheese, no problem. And she let me look at their dressing packets (she was interested as well) and we discovered, yes...they all have sugar in them. When I handed them back to her and said, "That's alright, I'll just eat it plain." She looked at me in shock and said, "You can DO that?!" *lol* I hope I inspired her to not settle when eating healthy is concerned. The salad wasn't that bad, but I do wish I had something on it. Lettuce by itself just isn't my favorite thing...sorry! ;)

I made another soup for dinner. We had a turkey that had almost been picked clean. I picked the rest of it and stuck it in a pot with some carrots, onions, peppers, and andouille chicken sausage from TJ's. I also threw in a batch of home canned tomatoes from my MIL, who was also shocked to learn that there is sugar in anything cooked for you by a company that is canning things. Stewed tomatoes, diced tomatoes with seasonings, AND canned beets - all had sugar in them in some form or another. Fun, right? She handed me some she had canned and said, "Well at least we know there is no sugar in these!"

And then I found out there was evaporated cane juice in my chicken sausage.

Son of a nutcracker!? #(*&$*(&!#(!!!


Again, doing the best I can. Still, this spicy turkey soup was the best so far and I brought a bowl of it for lunch today.

I never intended to make so much soup on this Whole30 just happened. Soup is quick and easy and filling and tastes super good. I put everything in a pot, bring it to a soft boil, and then lower it to simmer and leave it for about 30 minutes. Boom! Soup! And I've been using mostly Herbs de Provence in all our soups. I added a bit of cayenne to the turkey soup last night and it was just spicy enough to give you a tiny kick in the behind. All in all, the one thing I don't have to complain about on Whole30 is the quality of food I'm eating. Would I love to fall back on a slice of pizza or a bagel in the morning? Sure. But that's not because the food I'm eating isn't good. In fact, I'm eating quite well and nobody in my family is complaining (except Ethan...he hates peppers, onions and tomatoes and won't eat hardly anything I make, so he's doing the Whole30 PB&J challenge. I told him upfront I was NOT making two dinners and would not cook anything I couldn't eat, like rice or toast.)

Day 7 today. If I make it through I can officially say it has been 1 week.

How am I feeling? Meh. Alright I guess. Still getting a bit tired, but I think that might be my fault. Hubs remarked this morning that I got up earlier than normal (though we were still running late... *lol*). I'm walking taller...I did notice that. I think I might be a tiny bit smaller as well, but that could just be my mind making things up it wants to see.

I forgot to take a before picture when I started. *shrug* I don't want to focus that hard on it. I'm doing the vlogs and maybe we'll see some transformation there, but otherwise I know my weight and BF % and we'll use that as a measure of the weight loss stuff when this is all over. I think the only reason this is working this time is because it is NOT about losing weight for me. It's about slaying the sugar demon and regaining control over what I eat. Sometimes I feel like a slave to sugar, and is it any wonder with all the places they sneak it into our food? (Tomatoes and pickles, people!) If I could give anyone a "lesson" from thus far in the game. Don't assume anything - read a label.

One final note. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm stressing a bit over that. Hubs is saying he'll cook me a steak, which he'll ruin if he cooks it (he doesn't believe in steak cooked any way other than charbroiled and chewy as all get out - and then he slathers it in steak sauce). Me? I want it with juices running out because THAT is my steak sauce...and I want grilled mushrooms and onions on it. I have a feeling I'm cooking tomorrow. *sigh* And no cake. Still not sure how I feel about that.

Happy day 7 everyone! (If you started NY Resolutions or January goals on day 1, you're with me in your progress. How are you doing one week in?)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so proud of you! You are going to be so rewarded at the end of the month. Stay strong. emoticon
    1896 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Happy birthday early! Good for you for working so hard on the sugar thing, but don't beat yourself up, that's a tough battle!
    1897 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your progress - it sounds like a really good program!

    Week 1 was a learning experience for me so far, just trying to get back into my old good habits again and trying not to focus on the bad habits that I have let creep back into my life but it's been surprising to myself the things I have walked away from which includes certain foods and I am building upon that willpower and hoping to make it stronger which is my goal for this week as well as getting some more cardio in.

    Good luck and I love the pics of the food you had - it really helps to see all of it!
    1897 days ago
    Happy birthday! It is nice to see you back blogging.

    You are certainly following a challenging food plan!

    For me, sugar embedded in a "Healthy" food (such as the Kashi bar I am eating now) is not a problem. But if I eat sugar in an unhealthy food, even a cookie, it is binge central.

    That is probably psychological.

    Oh well....
    1897 days ago
    You are doing great! Yes, it is amazing to find out all our canned foods have sugar in them or salt and I feel the same way about salt even though I don't have a problem with salt. Why do companies insist on adding salt to everything?? I know it is a preservative, but so many Americans have a problem with salt, wouldn't it just be better to put less salt in and change the expiration date from 2 years out to maybe only 6 months??

    And my comments on being tired: When I did the whole 30 I remember being tired the whole first 7-10 days. And my trainer said that was normal that sometimes it takes 2 weeks. So stick with it! After all, walking taller is an accomplishment right now!! (My accomplishment is so much more embarrassing I hesitate to tell anyone, but here goes: today I finally overcame the beast and did a very, very short walk. But I did it.)
    1897 days ago
    Happy Birthday to you in advance. Congratulations on working so hard to slay the sugar demon!!! The soup you are making sounds absolutely fantastic - not sure why we don't do that more often.
    1897 days ago
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