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Food Challenge #1 Results, #2 Reveal

Monday, January 07, 2013

First of all, I think I need to list a couple of ground rules:

1. The weekly challenge will be posted on Mondays. MIRAGE727 must complete the challenge before the next challenge is posted (or through Sunday evening). However, if one or both of us can't complete the challenge (him cooking, me eating), say because of illness for example, then special time and consideration will be giving so the challenge can be completed at a later date.

2. If one or both of us are traveling for all or most of the week, there will be no challenge that week.

3. MIRAGE727 has 2 opportunities to "opt out" of the weekly challenge during the calendar year. Honey, if you're just not feeling what I have identified, you can let me know you prefer to identify your own "challenge" for the week...but you only get to do this twice.

Now, back to the business at hand. The meal that my beloved prepared far exceeded my expectations both in taste and appearance. It was my intent for him to use the pumpkin ravioli in the freezer (one of my goals in this challenge is to use the food or appliances we already have), so score 1 for my hubby. I thought he would also used his homemade vegetarian pasta sauce - but now I know that will be involved in another delicious meal. Instead, he made a brown butter sauce that definitely enhanced the flavor of the pumpkin ravioli...score another 1 for the hubster. The grilled spinach, mushroom caps, and tomato were perfect complements to the already amazing dish, so yes, there's another point.

I knew that when MIRAGE had to post a picture of his meal he would pay particular attention to the plating. Simply put, it was awesome (and I don't want our dishes to take away from his creations so soon he'll have nice white plates just for this challenge). The fruit garnish as the perfect touch. Add one more point to the tally.

Finally, MIRAGE did this while battling a cold. Our week got mapped out for us early so the only opportunity for this meal was Sunday. I didn't want him to feel like he had to prepare this meal when he was less than 100%, but he did it anyway and like I said earlier, it far exceeded my expectations. I am so looking forward to an entire year of challenges. So, one more point for the effort, which brings the total to 5 - a perfect score. Honey, starting out with a perfect score...that's a lot to live up to in the coming weeks and months (but I know you'll raise the bar higher than I can imagine).

And B, thanks for listing the calorie counts in your blog. That's always helpful for me.

On to this week's challenge---homemade pizza. And you get extra credit for using ingredients we already have in the house. Looking forward to this one.

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