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12th Night party... and the next day

Sunday, January 06, 2013

So, the trip to Ithaca was good. I drove most of the way, which was fine with me. Ithaca is in the Finger Lakes Region of central NY, and the drive is really quite beautiful. There are mountains and rivers and, of course, lakes. Before we left I got in 3.2 miles walking the dog, a few minutes of jumping jacks (150 total), and 2 sets of sit ups, as well as the SP video for the January Challenge (twice). I got in another mile and a bit doing laps around the rest stop when we changed drivers.

Anyways... we made it to our destination by about 5:30pm, and my brother got right into making sushi and sashimi. That was fine for my food plan for the night, but... everyone else brought tons of food as well, and it was all high quality, homemade dishes. Argh! Temptation in the form of a buffet potluck. I failed at limiting myself to sushi. I had to try the stuffed Hubbard squash, meatballs, cheesy cauliflower, chicken, sweet potatoes, coleslaw, etc. I went over on calories for the day for the first time in a long time. (But then again I was about 2,000 calories over my calorie burn goal for the week, so I am thinking it should even out.) I am not mad at myself, or beating myself up over it, but I thought I had a bit more self control than that. I did stick to water for my drinks, and skipped dessert, or it would have been much worse.

I had fun though, so I am still counting the evening a success. I am an introvert, so the fact that I didn't feel completely drained today was a good thing. There were a lot of people at the party though. After dinner we all gathered and my niece, Tigan, read the opening to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Then almost everyone there shared a story, a joke, or a song. We also popped "crackers", which I guess is a British thing, since all the jokes inside them were British in flavor. This lasted until about 11pm. That is when I checked in on my SP account quickly on my brother's laptop. We stayed at a friend's house overnight. We were all in bed by midnight. I don't sleep well without my dog though, so I was up bright and early.

I let my brother to sleep until 7:30am, then rousted him out of bed to go for a nice, long, brisk walk. He sure does talk a lot while he is walking! I am used to walking with my dog, who doesn't talk at all (unless we pass a dog he doesn't like, or sees a squirrel), so it was a big change to walk with someone who talks non stop. We got to watch the last little bit of the sunrise on Cayuga Lake which was beautiful. My brother mentioned that he would be willing to train with me for the triathlon, as he wants to get back into shape also. That would be so cool. I need someone to help keep me focused and motivated. We ended up doing a fairly hilly 5.7 miles.

We grabbed a quick breakfast, and started packing the car. I was packed and ready to go by 10:30am, but... 3 young girls and the sushi makings took another hour and a half to pack. Can't you just hear my teeth grinding while trying to practice patience? It didn't work too well. We didn't get out of there until noon, and then we had to stop at the grocery store for snacks, as well as stopping for gas. More jaw clenching happened. Finally, we got on the road for home! I had my brother drive the first little bit as my frustration level was fairly high by that point. The drive home was fairly uneventful. I walked a mile and did 100 jumping jacks at the rest stop. I must have looked pretty funny standing by the car hopping up and down! My nieces did NOT want to be seen with me. lol

Made it back to town before 5pm and picked up Cooper from my parents' house. From their stories it sounds like Cooper spent most of the time I was gone under a blanket on my dad's lap or under a blanket on my dad's bed. He also got a doggy massage from one of my mom's friends. Spoiled puppy! He deserved a rest day though, after all the walking we have been doing.

Got dropped off at my apartment. While I was gone a package came for me in the mail, so my neighbor grabbed it and put it in her apartment to keep it safe. It was a book and some DVDs I had ordered so I will have plenty to keep me entertained for the rest of the month.

After a healthy, low fat dinner (That was the real problem with what I ate at the party... lots and lots of fat!) I took Cooper for a walk. It was snowing earlier in the day, but when we were out walking it had turned to rain. That means it will probably ice over tonight and be very treacherous for our morning walk tomorrow. Oh well, we can walk in the road if we have to. But I digress... I walked 8.2 miles total today, did 150 jumping jacks, 36 sit ups, and the SP video twice. That is not too bad for a travel day.

Back to the gym tomorrow though to get on the treadmill and do Day 2 of the 5k running training program. I have to go in the afternoon, as I have a morning appointment and company coming over around lunch time. I haven't decided if I will do my new ST workout tomorrow or not. I guess it depends how late I am getting to the gym... I try to be done with my workout before the after school crowd comes in.
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