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Review of 2012 and Goals for 2013

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Here it is January 6th already...I don't know why it has taken me so long to write this blog! I spent New Year's Eve as I always do, thinking back on the past year and remembering both the good and bad, glad to put the year in the past, and looking for things to learn from what I experienced. 2012 started off pretty well with me feeling positive and working on various streaks of exercise and eating healthy. We also went on some nice RV vacations to Bar Harbor, Maine and Lake George, NY with friends, as well as several getaway weekends to more local campgrounds. But for a good part of the year, I had a lot of emotional upset, mainly due to my son's continued problems with addiction and lack of a job, and the sudden death of our dear friend, Gary at the end of May. We had big plans to go RVing together with him and his wife, Lisa in the summer and in future years, so those dreams died along with him. We spent most of the summer supporting Lisa in every possible way and rallying together with our mutual friends to cope with our loss. On top of all that we had the stress of getting our house ready to put up for sale, which happened in the beginning of September. Keeping everything perfect for showings but having no offers was disappointing, although we really don't want to sell till this spring.

As a result of all these challenges, I gradually went back to old habits of emotional eating, not exercising consistently, and gaining back 20 of the 30 pounds I had lost in a matter of several months! I got depressed and even stopped Sparking for a couple months, until I realized how much I missed my SparkFriends and how much I needed SP to get motivated to take care of myself again.

It has been a long road and the New Year has not brought the resolution to all of the problems, but it has made me realize that I cannot let these upsets that are out of my control, take over and cause me to not take care of my health and fitness. My dh and I have not felt completely happy in a long time, and I want that to turn around for us in 2013. We are hoping to sell our house, as I said, and I am planning on retiring from teaching after the school year ends. We moved our son out to his own apartment at the end of December, so it is up to him to become independent and find success and happiness. We will continue to love and support him, but we can't help him get better - he has to do that. The biggest thing we are looking forward to is becoming full-time RVers and traveling around the country starting this summer. Everything is very uncertain right now, which causes me to be a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it is an exciting future to us, so I hope and pray it will work out!

My goals for 2013 are very similar to what they were last year:

*find positive things to be grateful for each day
*try to live in the present - leave the past behind and do not dwell on the future, instead focus on what is happening at each moment
*eat mindfully and think of food as fuel, not for comfort or entertainment
*cut back on sugar and processed foods, eating more lean protein, whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies
*limit diet sodas and drink more water
*work on consistency by creating streaks in various areas: from taking my medication, eating 5 or more freggies, drinking 8+ glasses of water, getting in 10 or minutes of exercise each day, logging into SP and getting enough points to spin the Bonus wheel!
*use my fitbit each day, striving to get in 10,000 steps
*work on balancing my day between work and leisure activities
*gradually work on organizing all my school bins and classroom to get ready for retirement!
*journal and blog regularly to track my progress
*do yoga and meditate more consistently to help me relax and release stress, as well as practice quieting my mind and living consciously
*work on getting a better night's sleep!
*get involved with more of my SparkTeams and be a better motivator to SparkFriends
*get back down to a size 10 by the end of the year.
*be forgiving of myself if I have a bad day...just start over again and never give up!
*review my goals frequently, revise them if necessary and make more specific goals each month.

It seems like a lot, but this is the ideal for my life, and I want to strive to be my best, knowing that continuing to make steady progress is the most important thing...progress, not perfection!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have had a rough year with a lot of changes and losses. I hope this year represents a turning point for you and that you have a great 2013.
    1835 days ago
    Those sound like great goals to me. I hope you are able to do the RV thing... it sounds really fun! :) I know what you mean about your son. My brother ended up at one point being "my" responsibility and I finally had to give him a pretty hard reality shock. I was his 2nd to last resource and I laid it on the line and told him I was done and this was his last chance. I shipped him off to his youngest daughter in a different state and we kept him with no money and no transportation for about 2 years. Thankfully that got him settled. He had been living in the shelter before he moved in to my house so he knew what was waiting for him if he messed up again, but this time it would be permanent. He's been "clean" now for about 5 years.
    1837 days ago
  • SIGNAL38
    Great blog! Your goals are very inspiring and well thought out. You are so right about progress, not perfection. Best of luck to you in 2013. I know you can do it! Thanks for sharing!
    1839 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/8/2013 3:30:17 AM
    I know that 2012 was a difficult year for you in many ways but you persevered. You fought through the difficulties and have learned from them. I know it's difficult for you to not try to help your son but you are right about letting him be in control of his life. He is, after all, a grown adult at least in age. He needs to learn to stand on his own 2 feet and I hope he'll figure out how to do this sooner rather than later. I like the goals you would like to achieve this year! It may not be easy but I do believe you can and will be successful!! emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    1839 days ago
    Fantastic goals Amy, I know you can do it! It's going to be a banner year for you and I wish you all the best!!
    1839 days ago
    Wonderful! And I know you can do it. Why not shoot for the moon!
    1839 days ago
    Amy, this is a wonderful blog for 2013. You had a very stressful 2012 and it is "ok" to work through the issues, learn and move on. Good luck with all your goals for this year and I have faith in you that you will achieve !
    1840 days ago
    Amy that emotional eating is a hard habit to break it is still a struggle everyday for me. I have learned a few techniques to stop but sometimes my brain says it would be easier to just eat the Oreo. Good Luck and if you need anyone to talk to about it I am always around.
    1840 days ago
    So sorry to hear about your friend. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

    Full-time RV'ing - wow! We have a permanent camping spot in Northeast Iowa and I absolutely LOVE it. I would love to go full-time and travel all over someday but hubby needs his home base I think. Do you have a motorhome or pull behind? Camping is one of my absolute favorite things to do!

    Great goals for the year. Wishing you nothing but success!
    1840 days ago
    Best up luck with your goals
    1840 days ago
    These are great goals. I am very encouraged by your example! Thanks emoticon
    1840 days ago
    Great goals and review! I usually do this myself and haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder to take inventory emoticon Pat
    1840 days ago
    One of the hardest things I ever had to do when one of my children went off the rails was learn to distance myself - I needed that detachment to give perspective, and to enable myself to cope with the effects of his problems on the other areas of our lives. Giving yourself and your husband that space by having your son live independently in his own place may well be one of the best, although difficult, things you can do.

    Your goals (resolutions? lol) for 2013 are well thought out - working toward them will do you so much good, IMHO. Here's to achievement in 2013!
    1840 days ago
    Sounds like 2012 was a learning curve for you. You have great goals ready to go for 2013. All they need is action emoticon emoticon

    1840 days ago
  • BLUEFISH1881
    RVing around the country sounds like a great adventure. I hope 2013 is a great year for you.


    (There wasn't an RV emoticon)
    1840 days ago
    great goals- you can do it !
    1840 days ago
    It sounds like you have learned a lot. There is a whole year ahead of you and you CAN achieve all of those goals!

    Good luck! :)

    1840 days ago
    Sounds like good goals!
    1840 days ago
    I almost felt as if I were reading the review of my own past year, exept in our case, it was our niece who lived with was a rough year overall for us as well and I stayed away from Spark People for a time..just couldn't get motivated to do anything....though some things were already ingrained and so I did not completely lose it all....but, I made up my mind the first of the year, it was time to creep out of my hidey hole and get takes a lot of courage to push yourself to do what you know needs to be done, but when you feel so bad, you find you lack the will to....but, this is going to be our year..... emoticon emoticon 2013 is going to be a year of change, a year of transformation and it really sounds like it is going to be that for you.......
    way to go on the RVing.......that will be such fun.....we used to think about doing something like that, but turned out it hurts my husband too much to drive any that is out.. anyway, go for it.......and see the USA...:) emoticon
    1840 days ago
  • RFJSJ50
    2012 was sure full of challenges for you, but you came out on top! Just thinking about all the life changes you have planned boggles my mind. Go for the RV travel - I grew up doing that and the experiences were wonderful. My parents had planned to do what you plan but my dad passed before they could. I hope all goes well with your son, but you're right by putting him in charge of his own life.
    I am praying that 2013 is YOUR YEAR, that all your wishes will come true. You deserve for that to happen!
    Oh, yes - you'll love retirement!
    1840 days ago
    I'm hoping for a great 2013 for both of us. My youngest is still going good, a day at a time. With our empty nest I've decided to look for a new job in an office instead of telecommuting...after 25 years! I'll keep you posted.
    1840 days ago
    1840 days ago
    I hope 2013 provides you with all the love and happiness you deserve. So glad you came back to SP. There's always plenty of support here.

    1840 days ago
    Sounds like you had an eventful 2012. May 2013 be a healthy and successful year for you! Keep pushing forward!!
    1840 days ago
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