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Training Journal: 12/31/2012 - 01/06/2013

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Total Miles: 44.33

Time: 150 min
HR Alert: 125 (68% HRM)
Intervals: :30/:20
Location: West Rim Route
Distance: 12.93
Ave HR: 124
Ave Pace: 11:36

Splits: 11:20 / 11:25 / 11:13 / 11:24 / 11:32 / 11:42 / 11:32 / 11:52 / 11:30 / 11:35 / 12:01 / 11:41 / 12:02

Notes: Temps today were mid-50's with light rain/drizzle/mist. The weather was too wet for the lake trail, so I decided to use my neighborhood "long run route," which is fairly hilly in some sections. I have been avoiding significant hills since I started my low-heart-rate runs. I decided to use the Gymboss today as well as set the heart rate alarm to keep myself from going out too fast and to force myself to walk a bit more. I figured I'd need that with the hilly route and the much longer time (2.5 hours).

I arbitrarily picked :30/:20, since that seems to have worked well with long runs in the past training cycle. And it really did sync up very nicely with the heart rate alarm, as long as I was running on relatively flat streets. In the really hilly section, it was too difficult to keep the heart rate alarm and run/walk timer in sync, so in those sections I turned off the Gymboss and just used the heart rate alarm.

I was really pleased by how good I felt during the run. I can tell that my running economy and fatigue resistance have really improved. My legs felt fresh almost the entire run. I had to take a break to use the bathroom around the end of mile 10. You can see that my legs did quite recover from that break. But other than moving little slower, they still felt pretty good.


Time: 60 min
HR Alert: 125 (68% HRM)
Location: West Rim Route
Distance: 5:32
Ave HR: 125
Ave Pace: 11:17

Splits: 11:01 / 11:21 / 11:22 / 11:30 / 11:12 / 11:09

Notes: Chilly day -- 45 degrees with a breeze and cloudy skies. I decided it was time to get out my "Cold Gear" Under Armour tops, which I haven't worn for a couple of years. Last 2 winters have been too warm for them. I wore a long sleeved compression top, compression shorts, gloves and a hat. I was perfectly comfortable, except for my ears. Because of the breeze, they could have used covering up. But it wasn't too bad.

The middle of today's run had some real hills.

Time: 60 min
HR Alert: 125 (68% HRM)
Location: Gym Track
Distance: 5:4
Ave Pace: 11:11

Splits: 10:47 / 11:08 / 10:46 / 11:30 / 11:20 / 12:02

Notes: It was cold and windy again this morning. Since I was already at the gym for my strength training session, I decided to do my run there afterwards. I don't normally run right after ST, and I could tell that it had some effect.

Time: 60 min
HR Alert: 125 (68% HRM)
Location: West Rim Route
Distance: 5:31
Ave HR: 124
Ave Pace: 11:17

Splits: 10:55 / 11:08 / 11:32 / 11:34 / 11:19 / 11:10

Notes: 40 degrees, light rain, but no wind. I dressed properly and was quite comfortable. I really enjoyed this run. You can tell by looking at the splits where the hills are :-)


Time: 180 min (3 hours)
HR Alert: 125 (68% HRM)
Intervals: :30/:20 (hour 1); :25/:20 (hours 2, 3)
Location: Lake Trail
Distance: 15.37
Ave HR: 125
Ave Pace: 11:42

Splits: 10:48 / 11:12 / 10:59 / 11:51 / 11:28 / 11:47 / 11:27 / 11:35 / 11:35 / 11:36 / 11:59 / 12:37 / 12:15 / 12:15 / 12:05 / 12:07

Notes: Beautiful day today -- sunny, low humidity, light breeze, 60 degrees. Lots of people agreed with me that it was a great day to run. The lake trail was very crowded with bikers, walkers, runners and their 4 legged friends.

As I did for my 2.5 hour run on Monday, I used the Gymboss today, along with my heart rate alarm. For the first hour, I had it set to :30/:20, and that synced up pretty well with my heart rate alarm, although I tend to do more walking when I use the Gymboss vs just going with the heart rate. Towards the end of the first hour, I noticed that the alarm was starting to go off a few second before the end of the run segment, so I reset it to :25/:20 for the rest of the run. Those 5 seconds really made a difference. For most of the second hour, the alarm seldom went off and when it did, it didn't take me long to recover. By the third hour, I was setting the alarm off fairly regularly at the end of the run segment. It also took me longer than 20 seconds to recover sometimes, which you can tell by the drop in pace in the last few miles. However, by keeping my heart rate low, I really did feel pretty comfortable for the 3 hours. That doesn't mean I wasn't tired by the end, but I wasn't hurting.

One other interesting take away lesson from this run was in regard to nutrition. The trail loop I run takes me about an hour, so I left my gels in the car rather than carrying them with me, figuring I could eat them when I stopped to refill my water bottle. Turns out that spacing the gels by an hour was too long. By around :45 minutes into the run, I could tell my energy was flagging and I was losing mental focus. At first, I attributed this to needing to slow down (hence the resetting of the Gymboss). After eating a gel at one hour, my energy returned. But then, again about 45 minutes into the second hour, the same thing happened and I began to suspect that dropping blood sugar was largely to blame, especially because of the loss of mental focus. So after eating my 2nd gel, I took the 3rd one with me and ate it halfway through the third hour. Sure enough, even though I was tiring, I didn't experience that same sag in energy and mental focus at the 45 minute mark and, in fact, I even increased my pace a little.

Never underestimate the value of a steady supply of nutrition.

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