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Sunday, January 06, 2013

So apparently, if you join a challenge, you have to do...stuff. Why did no one tell me this before??? WAAAHHHHHHHH!

Kidding. Mostly. Anyway.

A little confused by lack of any 'official' word that I'm allowed to play, but whatever. I'm making up a few goals regardless. And will try to hit them by APril-ish, or whenever this thing ends, regardless.

So, with much further ado (after all, if I don't provide my own ado, who will?), my BLC 21 goals.

I'm hitting 175 before the end of this 12 week period. That's 7 lbs down from current, and as such, not an aggressive goal. But, having dropped 15 pounds over the course of last year, it's faster than I have been shedding (if you ignore the part when I keep going down 10 pounds, gaining 5 back, rinse and repeat).

I'm doing 20 minutes of something or another a day. Every day. Well, unless I get the flu. But in that case, you can probably claim 20 minutes of ab workout from the puking.
Again, not an aggressive goal, but I haven't managed to do 10 minutes consistently, so...it's a thing. A thing I'm going to do.

I'm doing 10 squats and 10 lunges a day. A low bar, but one I haven't tried to do. The lunges are not knee friendly, nor are the squats, and my knee is bugging right now. But it shall be done. Whether, or how much weight is involved, that remains to be seen. Now I have to figure out for real how to properly record strength training on SP, as I've just entered the time spent doing that sort of stuff as minutes of stretching/flexibility. To be sure, I did do a fair bit of stretching stuff with the stability ball, so it's not all inaccurate. Man, I should have entered that as a separate goal, that of learning how to use the tracker right. Exercising the brain, that counts, right?

I'll do more tracking of food. I think that might be a basic part of the challenge, but it's one I'll not do well on, as tracking is an annoying chore. Sure, it's all approximation, anyway, but...still, a chore.

Think that might do for the necessities. Pictures also taken for challenge purpose, but if I'm reading the rules right, it's legal to keep those for my own eyes only. Might post them eventually anyway. Can you tell I'm indecisive on this? Maybe?

And....going to the gym, wherein I'll see if the knee is just buggin' or a REAL ISSUE. Where are my robot joints already, McFly?

Editing to add measures
Re-editing with measures from a non-metal, flat laying tape measure.

Waist = 38, half inch down from November.
Hips = 40.5, same size
Thigh = 22.5, down a half inch
Upper Arm = 12, tough to measure, dunno if I hit the same spot.

Woops, didn't do chest. Will have to dig that tape back out tomorrow.
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