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My Raw Juice Cleanse: Day 7

Sunday, January 06, 2013

I just finished the 7th day of my raw juice cleanse, and I feel so great...and I'm down 8 pounds (officially weigh in tomorrow).

So, why a juice fast you may ask? Well, I've been struggling worse than ever with my sugar addiction. I felt out of control. I did my best to keep it under control, but lately I was giving into it for one reason or another. I also have been dealing with pain, fatigue and I was even starting to feel a little depressed in recent weeks.

I felt like I needed to "start over" - "Reboot" my body. Clean out the bad stuff, heal, and let my body recover from the junk I put in it, then start eating healthy after that. I know it sounds cliche but I need to change my life style. I don't want my children to see me eating junk, and think it's ok, or see my weight fluctuate up and down their whole lives. No. They are going to have a healthy mom who makes healthy whole food meals for everyone and we all have treats only occasionally. (Lately, my children have been fed very healthy whole food diets, but mommy has been getting a lot of treats)

My husband has also struggled with his weight (we eat together). So we bought a juice for ourselves for Christmas and started our cleanse the day we got back from Indiana after spending a week there for Christmas.
The first day was just ok. We were tired from the week and a little hungry, but not bad. We were hopeful for the benifits of starting our fast. Late the first night my husband got a killer headache and was nausaus. So he went to bed early while I took care of the kids bed time routine solo...I knew my time was coming soon.

Sure enough on the afternoon of the second day, I was so irritatable, I wanted to slap someone, and then the headache came. I took a relaxing bath and nap while Daddy took care of the kids. I woke up feeling better.

By the third day we were both feeling amazing. I really expected the detox side effects to last longer. I mean, I've really been junking it up lately! But so far no. My energy has been better than it's been in a long time. My cravings are completely gone!!! Let me say that again...MY CRAVINGS ARE GONE!! I feel so much more in control and capable of making good food choices now, when I go back to eating again. I have better mental clarity and wake up feeling more rested. I almost can't believe how fast I started feeling so good!

So that's the cleanse so far. I'll keep you all posted more later.

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    Wow, what a quick weight loss! I need to do something like this, just I don't have a juicer. For some unknown reason, I am up FIVE pounds in the past few days. I'm not due for a period or anything, so I'm not sure what's going on. I haven't been eating great, but I haven't been eating really bad either. Plus I've cut out soda since Jan 1. Unless it's the few diet sodas I've let myself have. . .I just don't know. I'm not happy about it at all, and I'm hoping it's just some strange water retention that will clear up in a day or two! :-) But this juice fast sounds super interesting. I've contemplated doing a yeast cleanse because I know my body could use something drastic. But the thing that peaks my interest with your juice fast is that you said it has helped with your sugar cravings. Hmm. . .I may need you to send me a private message and let me know how this works. Since I can't make my own juice (I don't even own a blender!), do you think drinking pure organic juices could suffice?

    Also, thanks for the compliment on my hair!
    1805 days ago
    1805 days ago
    I've been interested in trying a juice fast. I have also been told by some people and heard from many it is unhealthy, which I don't really understand, because it makes perfect sense to me. Just curious what are your combinations you are using? Do you mass juice or do it every time you "eat"?
    1805 days ago
    I am a new juicer also.( I commented on your page) I hear Chia seed are great for cleaning out the intestines. Like anything else,there is the first initial period till your body gets used to the new process.
    emoticon on losing 8 pounds. Make 2013 the year you educate your mind about your nutrition. Look at exercise as a part of your life that you love.
    The sweets need to be viewed as bad until you get a handle on your cravings.Very small quantities. If you totally deprive yourself ,you will crave them more and binge too much.
    It is good you and your hubby are working on this togetter. I watched a program on Netflix called" Forks over Knives" and it really was an eye-opener.It has promped me to try to go meatless a few times a week.
    Good luck to you ,Tracy. This year our families will meet and have an enjoyable conversation. emoticon
    1805 days ago
    Your fast sounds fabulous!
    How much longer will you go?
    1805 days ago
  • FIREFLY075
    1806 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    Good luck emoticon
    1806 days ago
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