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The MAGIC number FIVE

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Since today is the FIFTH of January, I thought I would play with all sorts of ways the number FIVE can be magic on this journey of ours.

The first thing about 5 that is IMPORTANT to know is that it is TODAY - YES, today is MAGIC because we have the opportunity to make healthy choices, make strides toward our goals, and to touch others' lives in special ways.

The next thing about 5 that is IMPORTANT to know is that even a change as small as 5 minutes of exercise can make a difference - if you are like me, starting with FIVE quickly becomes MORE and even if you ONLY EVER do 5 minutes, it is MORE THAN NOTHING - over a year just five minutes a day adds up to 1825 minutes - think about that -it is a LOT more than NOTHING.

Five seconds can also be enough time to catch your breath and rethink what you were going to blurt out - those hurtful words to your kids, your hubby, or your aging grandparents or parents can NEVER be taken back and you MIGHT regret them.

Five seconds can be long enough to make a BETTER choice - take that long and suddenly that doughnut might just stay in the store's display case instead of riding on your hips.

Five deep breaths can keep you calm under pressure and prevent you from releasing that cortisol into your system that may result in weight gains later.

Five minutes extra in the morning can give you time to eat that healthy breakfast that you might otherwise skip.

Five days might be the beginning of a new habit.

Five years is the difference between a tiny baby and a school child - what do those five years mean in YOUR journey?

Five decades are a half of a century and a LOT of wisdom.

Five pounds could be a whole size or at least the difference between TIGHT and comfortable.

Five glasses of water is more than zero and well on the way to hydrating your body.

Five is magical and this journey is FIVE times more FUN when you take FIVE minutes to tell others how wonderful they are and that they have made a difference in your life. You have and my journey is MAGICAL today.
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