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Biking at Bottle Lake

Saturday, January 05, 2013

I was very lucky, when Ewen (Guy I went on a couple dates with YEARS ago, now engaged to be married) asked me to go cycling with him... He even let me pick what type and what track. I know he has a road bike, but I asked to do mountain biking instead.. then .. I chickened out, because.. We only have steep straight up and down mountains here (Have never done them - People go to hospital from doing it).. not really tracks.. So he suggested.. Bottle Lake and I said.. Isn't that flat? and he said no.. and
It wasn't!! it was PERFECT! Someone had purposely put in a curvy, up and down track through the forest :)
Here is what it looks like
Fun huh? and Pretty! :)

We went cycling for two hours..... After one hour I got a lot of pain in my back side.. and legs.. and.. oops! I said it out loud... and had to "start over" on my complaint free life again. (I told Ewen I was doing it and he held me accountable lol).
I wouldn't have biked for two hours without him!

He helped me a lot with my new smart phone.. showed me how to turn off the face book notifications that were flooding my system... Thank Goodness!! lol
Then he said, he could track how far we'd been with an app called Garmin Connect... We cycled just under 20 kms. I don't know if that's much... but i can feel it in my legs this morning :)

And I thought to myself... Oooh.. those are a bit tight, I wonder if I can do some yoga.. and then I thought.. wait a second, isn't there a stretch and release class at the gym.. and *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* !!! It's on in two hours!!! I'm SO going :D hehehe
Yayy emoticon

I'm so grateful for Ewen doing that with me...(I could tell he was cycling slower for me)... there's nothing in the world, (apart from God) that is more valuable to me than friends that take the time to help you achieve your dreams.... It really is special. :) He has a lucky wife to be... :) AND! she also loves to bike, so he did well there hehe.

kinda made some mistakes yesterday. I was bright enough to grab SOMETHING for cycling.. just incase.. but I grabbed an orange.. I wish I had made a tuna salad or something... hehe
I'm only eating 1200 ish calories each day.. and that's with a few squares of chocolate in each day. (not a whole block now!)
And I'm not sure that's enough calories...
Ewen said if I don't get enough protein.. it .. starves other.. organs? and.. muscle development can't happen, and... then my metabolism slows down and my weight creeps up...
I said "Oh no, I've been vegan for two years" - My metabolism is definitely half the speed of Kelvins.. (and he's 2/3 the weight of me) so.. who knows lol

B: Porridge, rice milk, banana.. hardly ate any of it.
L: Subway Salad, Vegie Pattie with grated cheese and honey mustard. ate 80% and felt full
D: Home made Pizza, mostly veges, low on cheese. 4 slices.
Snack: Peach, 3 Pieces Chocolate

B: 3 weet bix, rice milk, 2t raw sugar
L: An orange.
D: Tofu Nachoes ( huge plate full)
Snack: (got hungry) 6 wholemeal crackers (200 cals) and cream cheese (150 cal) hummus, 2 squares chocolate and a pear.

So I'm not working to a plan.. I'm just trying to make good choices as I go....
And trying to cut out flour.. I had wheat, with the weet bix, and also the pizza base...
Personally, I don't think enough fruit, vege or protein is going in.. I still dislike meat.. a lot... and dairy...
Ohhh I know!! I'll make up some more of my cereal I used to make, and put dried fruit and nuts in it and mmmm.. then I can add milk and fruit to that,, that'll be lovely...
Then I think I need some vegetable smoothie ideas to add to lunch.... or a snack on top.. Yeah!

Little Changes.... I was unable to source acid /alkaline diet book from the library.
We seem to have about 11 libraries in our city.. and the books keep rotating from building to building.... and it costs 2$ to have it put in your local building...
but you also have to wait 1 - 5 weeks.
I prefer to just drive to the other suburb (it's NOT that far.. a 5 min drive?) and go get it. It's when it's not at the NEXT library and REALLY somewhere else, like out of town that I run into challenges.
Anyway.. that's on my list to read.

When it comes to food, I'm suffering conflicting information and beliefs.
I firstly subscribe to the teaches of leo screven. Do not eat anything fermented or processed. (bread, meat, dairy, alcohol ) for the simple fact, it causes cancer.. (I'm paraphrasing and not really siting any scientific study, please do your own research)
Secondly, I've heard it from everyone, that protein is required.. and under my vegan diet, I was getting virtually none. (So it is absolutely possible to be overweight while vegan, I'm proof of that).
I have researched (and sometimes tried).. the Living food diet... the south beach.. the low gi.. the pcos diet.. the jillian michaels... the Paleo... calorie restriction..
They are quite similar...
I am going to go to a RAW vegan food group tonight.... It's bring a plate.. so I'll put together some kind of a salad... and they have a movie to show us.. and it's out on an organic farm.. out of the city, it will be lovely... Taking Kelvin for the first time.. I reckon he'll love it.
And I know some of THOSE people are into the acid/alkaline which I wanna learn next..... And I'm pretty sure, Steve, lifts weights..... so I might be able to ask him some questions about what to eat =]
Raw absolutely is best, anything over 55.celcius.. er i dunno what that is in farenheight sorry.. but thats like the heat of the hot tap... destroys the nutrients of the food.. which is probably also why.. when Canning.. 60% of nutrients are lost, cos you have to get it SUPER hot to get it sterile. (Read that somewhere)

So I'm swimming around in theory's.
and not eating enough.

I'm 100% sure, a lot of people have this same problem...
I wonder how we wade through the information and make the best decision for us?
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    I just read the class time table for next week (after the holiday season) and they have some classes I had not heard of before " Xtreme" and "Xball" The X - as far as I know, stands for "Torture" so the most torturous ball I can think of is medicine ball.. how cool would that work out be!!!! I dunno what xtreme is.. sound's extreme tho.. hehehe

    I CAN'T WAIT TO BE FIT ENOUGH TO SAY "Yeah I'll give anything a Go"! :D
    1901 days ago
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