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oops, I did it again...

Saturday, January 05, 2013

oh well, did a major 'jump' off the wagon ... but I'm back! Let's see if I can maintain this new motivation.

this week has been good, eating my Jenny's meals (though not truly sticking to Program) and exercise 6 out of 7 days.

I am feeling real motivated, visiting SparkCoach most of the days...gets a li'l hard on work day.

But its been good.

I've decided THIS time, I'm concentrating on keeping my motivation positive. Instead of the 'jabba the hut' pic I keep next to my computer...put up a pic of when I was 15 lbs down.

I'm not seeing the past 18 months since my hysterectomy..and the roller coaster of gain/loss/maintain as a waste or a bad thing...but as lessons learned...and feeling lucky I'm not way back up to the 215lbs I was at. Which was my biggest fear about the hysterectomy, that I would regain all my previous loss and then some.

So, instead of looking back and feeling negative, I am going to look forward in 2013 with a positive attitude. That this WILL be the year I hit goal. And will have a great time doing it!

ps, just finished a session of Zumba Core with my daughter...after that workout how can you be anything but on the 'up'?
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