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Trigger foods

Saturday, January 05, 2013

I was watching the '20/20' special last night on 'People's Half Their Size' issue and they brought up a couple of points that I could see in myself.

One was on trigger foods. 'The Biggest Loser's' Bob Harper brought up the fact that many people, especially the ones that have managed to become obese, have trigger foods. You know, the ones that you just can't have one of and then are upset when they're gone because you still want more. These are things that we just can't have sitting around the house because they just won't last for the fact we'll eat it all in one sitting.

I know some people can't just have one or two pieces of pizza, some can't have chips sitting around, some can't have sweets for they will all be gone.

I am a sweets person, as in I can't have pastries, candy or cakes sitting around. I try to only have one, but if there's more sitting around, I'll end up giving in and having all of it. If I haven't had them in a long time, I'll be good right away with just one, but then, especially if no one's home, I'll finish them off. I can have sweets in moderation, as long as I only brought home the single serving size, but bring home a full box or bag of the stuff and I'll finish off the whole lot in one serving. Those cupcakes I sent off for the husband's Christmas party, I ended up eating 6 in one night when he brought home the last dozen. That was enough for the high end of my calories for the day, just in cupcakes!

I say I can have anything, but there are just certain things I just can not bring home to sit because they won't last. Fortunately I've gotten really good about avoiding these areas in the grocery store and have great willpower while I'm there (90% of the time). I'm glad I've gained that coping mechanism since I do most of the grocery shopping. Leave it at the store and I'm perfectly happy 5 minutes after leaving that section of the store.

I choose to bring home the healthy sweets in the form of fruits. It helps the constant cravings for sweets while keeping my calories low for the day and satisfying my craving sooner than the candies and pastries do. One donut leads to 6, but one apple keeps me at one.

Obviously some of these things can't be avoided all the time, but as long as it's not at home starting at you, it's much easier. Sometimes the garbage can is your friend. If a binge happens, just move on from it and remember that each day is a new day with a new start.

I know I feel better when I don't have my trigger foods sitting in my home.
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  • EMILY0724
    I feel ya! Sweets are my downfall. I have learned to just leave them at the store, too. I did make an angelfood cake last week because it's relatively low in calories when compared to other sweets. I gave about 2/3 so my son's family. I measured the rest out into single servings and did pretty well, eating only one piece a day, but it was really hard. I won't do that again! emoticon

    I'm so glad to know that others have the same issues I have. It makes them seem a little smaller!
    1702 days ago
  • TANYA602
    I think it's fascinating how much we learn about ourselves, health, and how to lose weight thru articles. Knowing your trigger foods is a great start. I am more of a person who eats out of boredom - ie, grading labs with ANY food nearby is a no-no. I will mindlessly eat. Keeping the foods out of our home/out of our reach is the best way to start. Thanks for sharing, and the reminder!
    1842 days ago
    It's so nice to know I'm not the only one that is that way. I am trying to get to a point where if it's there I just walk away. I was able to do it today, and I want to try again tomorrow. But if I feel like I just can resist it, then I'm planning on throwing it in the garbage. I recently just hung my favorite shirt up on my wall (I can no longer fit into it, and it used to hang off of me), so I can remember in the morning why I am choosing to walk away and say no. But I have eliminated having certain foods in the house that I would binge on, and since they aren't here, I don't crave them. Keep up the good work and thanks for the encouragement.
    1843 days ago
    I can't have most sweets in the house. Chocolates in particular are a problem. Plus I like most nuts in moderation -- but I can't buy the big container of cashews at CostCo! They disappear into my tummy FAR too quickly.
    1843 days ago
    Agree; it's not sweets for me, but cheese. Yummy yummy yummy cheese. Can't have any in the house, or I'll eat it all in one sitting.
    1843 days ago
    I saw the same program and felt the same way. Sweets are one of my triggers but so are some pasta like my daughter's crockpot pizza and regular pizza. It's nice to see someone else saw the program and some of the things people fall for to lose weight. I'm glad I haven't bought those kinds of products.
    1843 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Sweets are my downfall too. So far I have managed never to have eaten a whole bag of cookies or other sweets by myself. However , I will say that there is times when more than one is better than two of any sweet tasting food. So I can see where a problem lies waiting for weakness. Proud of you for being able to walk past the temptetion areas int the grocery store------keep up the great job.
    1843 days ago
    I agree, there are just some foods that I can't have sitting around. You have a great plan of just not having them in the house. No sense in tempting ourselves!

    Great blog!
    1843 days ago
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