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Being my own cheerleader

Saturday, January 05, 2013

I keep trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me.

When I saw this quote I thought is is me. I keep losing the weight. I am motivated. I am relaxed. I am exercising. I am journaling. I can take a nap. I feel great. The pounds come off. Last summer I Lost 20 lbs. but school starts emoticon
I am tired.
I am stressed.
I get angry but I eat my emotions away.
I gain back the weight I lose.
This is the cycle I have been on for years.

The beginning of another year.
I am 51 when will I learn to control the stubborn child in myself.
My inner child is not a nice person.
Some may say it is the devil in me.
Yes this is the one whispering the depressing comments telling me I am no good.

During the break I have been doing everything the right way.
I go back to work on Monday I do not want the weight to catch me again.

My plan
Get up in the morning 5:15am walk on the treadmill.
Wear the pedometer at school try to walk 6,000 steps.
Record food on Spark
Write feelings down in my journal. If I am frustrated write it down and do not put food that will hurt me. Do not use the food to punish myself because I have feelings.
Become my own cheerleader.
Emotional eating is a big problem for me.
I need to treat myself like I treat others.
How easy it is to encourage other and say you are doing great.
But self it is hard.

Another streak Be kind to Becky Say nice things to Becky See Becky as the beautiful gift from God that she is. Even as I write this my eyes are tearing up. Really is it so hard to be nice to me.
Yea Becky you can do it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Mmmm, a powerful post. Yes, we do need to be our own cheerleader, and our own best friend! A while back I posted something about how we can easily be so gentle, forgiving and kind to others, yet be our own worst enemy or detractor. I suggested taking a look back at the kind words spoken to others over the last few days or weeks. Then, start using those kind and encouraging phrases with ourselves. It isn't easy and may take a lifetime to master. But, it does help. And, until you are your own cheerleader, there are plenty of people here on SP that can help!
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    1867 days ago
    I CAN see Becky as the beautiful gift from God that she is. emoticon Soon you will be able to see her, too!

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    1867 days ago
    I understand and I have been there many times. I have been reading "The Spark" it is really a good book. It has talked a lot about positive self affirmations. Say good things about myself? that is unheard of.. I can't do that... I have found the best way for me to do that is to write them down and post them around everywhere. I journal about positive things about myself forget the negative. I allow myself to make a "bad" day or a "slip" I don't have to beat myself up and continue down that road. I brush myself off and start my way upward. No need to go downward.
    We can do this together
    emoticon emoticon
    1870 days ago
  • LESLIE871948
    I so hear you. I think more than anything keeping a journal helps me. This last time that I have gotten myself back to a place I want to be it was maybe 100 percent about the food journal. And yes! Stress is the enemy. You deserve to cheer yourself on. And you deserve to be the Becky you want to be. Hang in.
    1870 days ago
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    1870 days ago
    Oh my gosh, I'm almost in tears here for you! That 'being nice to ourselves' thing is THE hardest thing to do for so many of us!

    Fake it 'til you make it. When you catch yourself belittling yourself or thinking negative things about yourself, tell yourself - out loud if you have to - STOP! And stop that line of thinking! Saying kind things in your head, and believing them, is even harder, in my opinion, but once you've stopped the negative thoughts - think about something you did well, little as it may be, but change that negative thinking quick and focus on the good. YOU are worth it! YOU are worth being healthy! YOU are worth feeling good about yourself!

    It's hard work to get there, but YOU are worth that work!

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    1870 days ago
    Becky, your not alone. My sub conscious self catches myself biting my nails, terrible habit to have. I wonder sometimes now what the heck?? Why am I biting my nails. Same for food. I noticed with the wt loss reality show with Chris, the trainer, he realllly dives into the persons Emotional issues. Some are so deep, we just don't know why.
    I am experimenting with food right now.
    I bought the book BELLY FAT
    and its written by a Cardio MD
    its how Wheat has changed over the last 60+ years and isn't what it use to be.
    so I am not 100% off wheat, but sure cut way WAY back.
    I know its in SO many things.
    when I read the first chapter it was a wake up moment.
    My food tasting DR. told me over 20 years ago that a Very Large % of people Are allergic to wheat.
    it explains IBS, Diabetes, bloating, belly fat, ect ect
    so still reading... but maybe get the book from the library. See what he is saying. WE may be able to eat most our foods and not gain, may even lose IF we pay attention to how much wheat we really do digest.
    Hope this is helpful.
    I will keep you posted on my wt loss and energy with my changes.
    Hugs to you emoticon
    1870 days ago
    You can do it Becky. One day at a time. I'm an emotional eater which I know is what I need to work on. I need to find alternative ways to deal with my feelings. Finding motivation to get moving is the hardest.
    1870 days ago
    I saw your queen picture and know without a doubt you can do it. I saw your before picture and what an accomplishment.
    1870 days ago
  • ZENXB!
    Don't forget your Spark Friends! We make great cheerleaders! We will cheer for you. I totally understand and have started over and over and over. We WILL win though, because we have not given up. Don't give up. Track your food, track your exercise and think about YOU!! (Feel like I have to say it twice.) emoticon Think about YOU!
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    1870 days ago
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    1870 days ago
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