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Feeling almost normal :)

Saturday, January 05, 2013

I thought today was going to be a giant fail. Feeling sluggish, I stayed in my sweatpants for most of the morning, not wanting to do much. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to start taking the Sam-E to help control this seasonal depression. It is an over the counter natural amino acid, however I still don't like taking pills. I also wonder if I gained weight when I went off it last time. On the other hand, if I am stopped from my normal routine due to this lethargy, maybe taking it would be OK for now.

So I forced myself to go running around 1 PM. I ended up going for around 5 1/2 miles, including long hills on roads and a very tough/steep trail. It was so beautiful, I was reminded of why I moved out here, and I wanted to keep going for hours. I knew since I haven't been running consistently since my Dad died, that I needed to keep it in range. I came home and felt "normal", was able to focus on a few things I needed to get done, and that has lasted the rest of the day until now.

I used to not workout later in the day because it amped me up too much and interfered with my sleep. However now it may be more of an option. Exercise does help with the SAD. I am continuing to use the lights, Vitamin D, a good multivitamin, as well as a magnesium supplement before bed. I fell off the wagon on these things for a while due to the move. I am going to try some other suggestions from others too, including bright posters (thanks Lecates) and aromatherapy.

The strength workouts have been hard, but good. I am using a phone app from the book, "You are your own gym: the bible of bodyweight exercises." I can feel it all over, especially my hamstrings. It's a good thing. Running is great, but you are not really working your whole body. I miss that from my former workouts as a group exercise instructor and gym rat, which I gave up in part due to my increased participation in endurance sports.

The strength workouts are 4x/week and my goal is to return to doing cardio 6 days/week. I am on track this week for 5-6, depending on what I do Sunday. As I am just coming back into it, if I need a day off, I will take it. Not only have I added back running, the area I now live is all BIG hills, so the intensity is increased as well, plus the strength work. I've determined that if I am able to stay in this area, I am going to be in crazy good shape.

Happy weekend everyone! I might go to a group run tomorrow, I am not sure yet.

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