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I have decided to share with you MY DH Santa this year.

Friday, January 04, 2013

I decided to take a picture of DH with his Santa Beard.

He always wanted a beard and I told him I did not want to kiss a Brillo Pad.

In Early November DH developed SHINGLES in his ear mouth and tongue. Then the lesions came out on his face. It was extremely painful and it hurt even to touch to put medication on his face.

Now he had his beard he wished it was gone because if anything touched against the beard he was in pain.

DH always wears his Bi Pap machine with a full face mask but he could not use it it was too painful.

We made a mutual decision he and I would have separate bedrooms till shingles are gone. DH is scheduled for Hip surgery on the 15th -10 days to go, we are still not sure it will be done. We will stay in the separate rooms so I will not somehow hurt his incision.

We are in waiting game mode. Hoping the weather cooperates since we have a long drive to the hospital. DH and I have met some Spark friends and so I decided to post his recent photo for them to see.

I had to add some background so new visitors to my page will be aware of the strange circumstances that these past months have entered our lives.

This is my amazing husband who I still adore to this day. We have been married 49 years and will celebrate our 50th Anniversary in August.
We have never had the family together for almost 27 years. I am hopeful we can accomplish that OR I would also have my Milestone Birthday October 13th 2013 if the Anniversary cannot work.
We live in Maine One son in Upstate NY is closest but most of the winter the 7 hour drive to the Western Mountains of Maine, New Hampshire's White Mountains and Vermont's Green Mountains we try to avoid. We see the Plattsburgh NY family in the Summer, not at this time of year with 2 kids in school.

Second son is in California and the Youngest is in North Las Vegas with bis wife and Daughter our other DGD who we do not see anywhere near as often as we would love to.
So you see it is not easy to get us all together at one time,


The photo was taken to send to our sons to show off Dad's Beard but since I have been able to share my frustrating story with both DH and I sick with the flu. We did have the shots in a timely manner but that has been 2 miserable months that we have tried to keep upbeat.

My Spark friends have been my support group so here is a photo of my Darling DH.
I love his smile it is almost always there even with the pain of the shingles in his mouth, throat and tongue he lost quite a bit of weight he is just such a great match for me, always was, is, and will continue to be, we have plans to look forward to this year and I hope his surgery takes the pain away. He sure deserves that.

Most of you know I am not great with photos or computers. I would have loved to put another photo here but I have his Summertime photo with myself in the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.
Just maybe I can make it my Profile picture again ---Wish me luck with that one too.
Thank you Pat in Maine.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My dh has a little beard kind of like yours. Thinking of you both, and praying for healing and wellness blessings for you both.
    1775 days ago
    DH is truly a handsome man! And I do hope you're able to get all the family together for a big celebration! How wonderful that would be! Best wishes for the upcoming surgery!!!
    1777 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I have been trying to place who Fred reminds me of, and I just finally go it:
    Jason Robards!!! hunka-hunka,, mach manly man!!

    I ,too, am a beard kinda gal.. mustaches too,, but beards get me every time..
    Praying you both get a health boost and are up to par for that surgery.

    You are blessed to have two bedrooms, and I think it is a splendid idea. You both will need your rest, nobody will disturb the other person, and no lying awake wondering if you are hurting him post-op!

    soft, comfy pants with velcro sides to break away easily are a big help.. You can make them just by slitting the side seams and sewing velcro on each side. he can sleep in them and wear while awake..

    no pain or awkward positions to get dressed or undressed. rubber-bottomed slipper socks too for home,, usually they put them on the patient for surgery s soon as they are admitted..

    you are very wise to make meals ahead,, my DD was thirteen when I was home alone after my surgery, so pre-op I made chili, spaghetti sauce, pizzas, stuffed peppers and cabbage, burritos, frijoles`,etc,, froze everything,, all she had to do was heat them up..

    I ate dry cereal until she got home from school.. worked great!!
    1778 days ago
    You are married to a very good looking man! I am loving the beard, but I am partial since my Plex has a beard too. I hope you get together with your family for all your milestones this year!

    1778 days ago
    I loved the Fred with a beard picture. Thanks for sharing! He would make a great Santa Stand in!

    I told my DH that he should grow his beard out next Fall, as he is Santa, for several events every year. Right now the suit is at the dry cleaner, and will be packed away till next December.

    Best wishes on having a healthy year ahead of you.
    And I think you should start planning some thing for that milestone Anniversary. If you tell the kids now that that is a dream...then they'll have time to figure out how to make it happen. Maybe not on the exact day, but one day when it suits everyones schedule.
    1778 days ago
    Thank you for your support with my blogs lately. It is journaling really. Trying to figure things out and move on. This picture is great. You are so good at describing what is going on in your life and it sounds like your relationship with your DH is very much like mine with my DH but we are only 33 years together. He and I are an amazing pair. Which means I really feel for you two. I wonder if there is any possibility of everyone being with your for your anniversary and you both being fit and well. Wouldn't that be lovely? I will put in a prayer for you to that effect. Firstly hoping all goes well over the next few weeks! You do what you have to do but separate bedrooms are not fun. Mind you I think DH's sleep apnea machine is affecting my hearing long term. Not worth missing his warmth though. Justyna
    1778 days ago
    Thank you for posting the picture of your DH with his beard! He looks great, and what a lovely smile indeed! It would be wonderful to have all your family with you for your 50th anniversary. I very much hope you get your dream celebration with everybody there!
    1778 days ago
    1778 days ago
    Great picture. I don't even know how to upload a picture to my computer. That's little I know. You have much more knowledge than I do. Hopefully this year someone will help me to learn this.
    1778 days ago
  • POOHGIRL1970
    Pat thanks for sharing the photos. DH is a nice looking man and I love your profile picture....beautiful! Hoping your wish of having your family together comes true!
    1778 days ago
    Fred is adorable -- beard or no beard!
    1778 days ago
    Ted was sporting a goatee until a couple of days ago. He says he plans to grow it again in the summer.

    Fred could very well be Santa.

    Continue to have your celebration dreams. Dreaming is a good place to begin. Our 50th will be in 2016.

    Judy emoticon
    1779 days ago
    Pat, he's adorable! I hope he certainly does get relief from pain, and quickly. I hope your kids can come for your milestone birthday. I know it woud be hard for them but anything is possible. Hugs!
    1779 days ago
    Pat, very nice picture of your DH. Hope the shingles are doing better and now the flu. You both need a break. When it comes I hope it is a long one. Like your picture too for your profile. Take care, dear friend and get healthy again. HUGS, Terry
    1779 days ago
  • TERRI289
    He is gorgeous with the beard!!!!!! KIss him for me when he can stand it!!

    Hope today finds you both feeling a bit better!! My bed is caling... emoticon
    1779 days ago
    wowee my friend thanks for sharing go guys!!!!
    the lady mary
    1779 days ago
    Wow, I envy you. You have a good looking husband even with the beard my friend, and look at that smile. I hated my husbands beard, but I'd give anything to see it again. You see he died in 2005 after 35 years and 9 months of marriage. Enjoy every minute you have together.
    I see that Sue told you how to change your profile, so I won't bore you with instructions again.

    Hugs, praying for the grand anniversary celebration to happen.
    emoticon emoticon
    1779 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Fred looks Great with the Beard. Let him keep it. Looks very Handsome with it. Hope the Family will be able to be together for Your 50th Wedding Anniversary and or for Your Birthday. Take it day by day and things will come together. God Bless You and Have a Fantastic Day. Take Care. Love the Pictures. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1779 days ago
    Bless his heart, Fred looks wonderful in the beard--and chipper, too!

    To make the botanical garden photo your profile pic, go to Edit My SparkPage, then Edit Photos, then underneath the photo in your Photo Gallery, just click on "Set as Profile Picture." Then do Save Changes at the bottom of your SparkPage. I may not have all the wording exactly right, but that's how it's done.
    1779 days ago
    Even though the whiskers are not to your liking, Fred looks good! I think his personality shines through and the beard is completely upstaged by his sparkling eyes. Of course, I'm sure he looks good without the whiskers too, although at this point, this is the only way I know him. It will be good when he will be able to do as he pleases with his face and can be comfortable again.
    I know how difficult is is to not see your family very often. I hope your family will be reunited soon! Until then, it is wonderful that you and your DH are so much in love and can share your strength with each other through the hard times. emoticon
    1779 days ago
  • RD03875
    He is a very handsome Santa! Thank you so much for sharing his picture!
    1779 days ago
    What a great picture of your husband, and I really like your new profile pict! My husband has a beard and mustache, and has for years.

    Hope you both continue to feel better and his surgery can move forward as planned. My DH had a knee replacement and while he was a less than stellar patient, the surgery improved his mobility and eliminated the constant pain.

    1779 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Pat, thanks for sharing the picture of your DH Santa beard, LOL! You made me laugh! Sounds like you are both getting a little better.

    I know how spread out your family is...I sure hope you can all get together for one of the two big events coming up this year! I am sure they would love to be with you both!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    1779 days ago
    My DH I I have been married 52+ years!! Congrats on your soon to be 50th! Hope your family can get together. Our children planned a small get together for us, family & a few friends for ours making great memories, pictures & food plus the cake.

    We have had some major health problems in 2012 & hope for a better 2013. Prayers sending your way for healing & better health for you both in 2013.

    1779 days ago
    Awwwww, I had tears reading this. Believe me, your love for each other shines through. So sweet!

    My DH had a beard and moustache when we first got married. Several months later he shaved the beard and left the moustache. I have to say, my first reaction was astonishment because he looked so different! THEN he eventually shaved off the moustache -- all I could say to him is "You have lips!" We still laugh about it now -- 24 yrs. later.

    Thank you for sharing the picture. Sending healthy vibes your way for you & Fred. Hang in there, both of you!

    I was thinking of you both as the news yesterday was how the flu is early and the # of cases exploding! **SIGH**

    HUGS to you both.
    1779 days ago
    Pat--You have a very cute husband! emoticon He has such a kind face! Thanks for sharing! I hope your dream of family together can come true. I can't imagine not having my family together for so long. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    1779 days ago
    What a great picture. Thanks for sharing

    I so truly hope all your sons will be able to arrange time so you can have your whole family together for a couple of days at least. That will be a time treasured by all.....

    Hoping all goes well with the impending surgery....

    1779 days ago
  • GAMMY98
    Great picture Pat. It sounds like it was another day of things gettting a little better. emoticon
    1779 days ago
    great picture to smile with the pain hope you both are well soon
    1779 days ago
    1779 days ago
    Thanks for posting the photo Pat. I also think the
    beard suits him and he definetely has a sparkle in
    his eye,even though he is in pain. You have had a
    bad trot with your health issues and I certainly hope
    that he is well enough for his surgery in 10 days or so.
    You make a great couple. emoticon emoticon

    1779 days ago
  • KATHY024
    You've both had some months now that haven't been so good so it is very uplifting to still see Fred smiling!!
    1779 days ago
    emoticon That sparkle in his eyes makes me believe he REALLY Is Santa!! He truly is A Very Nice looking Gentleman!
    It is such a Blessing to see Love like Yours!! Keeping you both in my Prayers!
    1779 days ago
    Good looking man, with a twinkle in his eye and nice smile!! Now he looks good with a beard! But, I know how you feel about him not having one! I have never met you, but I feel like I know you both so well being sparkfriends for a little over two years now! And you do sound like a perfect couple!! So sorry being sick has still been an issue! I hope it doesn't delay his hip surgery, or the weather won't be bad for you! Speedy recovery for you both! emoticon
    1779 days ago
    emoticon PHOTO PAT emoticon
    1779 days ago
    My, what a handsome man he is! I think his beard looks good on him but if you don't like it, I know it will come off as soon as he is fully healed.

    You two are the perfect match as far as I'm concerned.
    1779 days ago
    What a wonderful picture of your DH! He has such a sparkle in his eyes! My bro and SIL reach their 50th on August 17th this year!! I sincerely hope your family can all get together for your event. How amazing would that be?

    (Still praying for all your health issues!)
    1779 days ago
    I say let him keep his beard. It's actually attractive on him.

    I'm hoping the whole family can get together for your 50th anniversary. It is a special time after all.
    1779 days ago
    My husband has a beard. I love the picture of your husband. I think he looks great. You make a very cute couple.
    1779 days ago
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