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Meal Plan for January 5-11

Friday, January 04, 2013

Meal Plan 1/5/13 through 1/11/13

Hmm, seems like I just wrote one of these… oh wait, I did! What a short week. I’m getting back into the swing of things, and I actually weighed in yesterday the same as before I left for my trip, so I’m pretty pleased about that. We have a Costco trip planned for Saturday, so I’ll get to stock up on things like Snap Peas, raviolis, and chicken sausage that are normally too expensive for me to buy at the regular store. Might even splurge for some steaks!

This week, I am changing up my breakfast and snacks. I’ve been eating the same ones for the past 10 months, and I’ve gotten a bit tired of them. I’m still going to have my daily apple and piece of cheese, but instead of the yogurt in the afternoon, I’m going to do carrots and hummus. I’ve never really liked yogurt, and it isn’t appealing at all to me right now when it’s cold. I’ve found myself just skipping it because it didn’t sound good, but then being way hungry when I get home from work, which is never good. So, I’m changing it. Also, in an effort to cut out more processed foods, I’m eliminating my morning fiber granola bar. I read the ingredients on it and it was NOT GOOD. So, this weekend I’m making up a batch of my own chicken breakfast sausages, which I will eat on a whole grain English muffin (yes I know, still processed, but much better sounding than the granola bar), so I still get my fiber, and some cheese. I know I should add egg too but I dislike eggs. We’ll see how this works out, but I love breakfast sandwiches.

Also, another goal of mine this year is to use my cookbooks more. I have a small collection of really great ones, but they’ve been getting ignored while I was focusing on healthy eating. Also, since I do my meal planning at work, and my books are at home, I don’t have good access to them. But I recently discovered a website where you can add the ISBN numbers of your cookbooks, and then you can access them from online. It’s called eatyourbooks.com. It costs $2.50 a month, but I’m really excited to have this resource available. So, my goal is to use a cookbook recipe at least once a week, starting this week. I want to expand my cooking skills as well, so I think this goal will help me do that. DISCLAIMER: The recipes I make from the cookbooks are not always going to be healthy, and I may not post caloric information especially if it’s a recipe with a lot of homemade stuff in it. I will try to post links if available though.

Saturday, January 5, 2013
LUNCH: No plan yet. I have a little bit of leftover pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes from Thursday night, so I will probably have that…but we’ll see!

DINNER: Tonight is a pasta dish from my new cookbook Hazan Family Favorites, which is an Italian cookbook. It’s pappardelle pasta, Italian sausage, tomatoes, and peppers. I might work out the calories at some point, I’m thinking it won’t be too bad.

Sunday, January 6, 2013
LUNCH: No plan yet. Maybe leftover pasta? Grilled Cheese? Who knows!

DINNER: Pork Ginger Potstickers. I bought some ground pork for really cheap a few weeks ago, and this recipe looks like fun, a bit out of the box from what I normally make. Plus, it’s SUPER low cal. I’m doubling it, and making each serving 10 potstickers (which may be too much), and each serving is only 390 calories! Since it’s going to make around 100 potstickers, I am saving some for lunches, and freezing some as well. I plan on dipping mine in sweet chile sauce, yum! Can you tell I’m way excited about this recipe? budgetbytes.blogspot.co
I will also serve it with a side of one of my favorite stir fried vegetables, sugar snap peas www.kalynskitchen.com/2

Monday, January 7, 2013
LUNCH: Pork Ginger Potstickers

DINNER: Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken. OK this looks like total comfort food to me. I thought it might be unhealthy, but it’s not terrible actually. The recipe says to only count 4oz of chicken as a serving but you all know how much I don’t pay attention to actual serving sizes  I’ll just use the 6-8oz breasts I get. I’m going to make 4 of these, 2 for dinner, and 2 for our lunches the next day. I also plan on baking them instead of pan frying to lighten them up a bit. I have a 7oz breast w stuffing as being 530 calories. It will probably end up being less. Because meat cooks down a decent amount, I never really know what the end result will be until I cook it. budgetbytes.blogs
I plan on serving with some garlic bread I have in the freezer, it’s 150 calories for 2 small slices, and some roasted broccoli.

Tuesday, January 7, 2013
LUNCH: Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken

DINNER: Cajun Chicken Pasta. To make up for the big meal the night before, I’m making this pasta. I’ve had it pinned for forever (along with the wayyy less healthy version from the Pioneer Woman (one of my favorites) that uses a ton of cream etc). Red bell peppers are on sale this week so that’s why I decided to make it. I will be using all red, I don’t like yellow or green ones, although they do make the dish prettier. I’ll use whole Lactaid whole milk instead of skim. I don’t drink milk, only use it for cooking, and I kept having my skim milk I use for cooking go bad, which is a waste of money. My BF drinks Lactaid (although he still eats normal cheese and sour cream with no issues, weird), so I’m just going to start using that. The caloric difference is pretty minimal in such small quantities. Anyway, calories for this is 477 for 4 servings (instead of 5 as listed). www.skinnytaste.c
No sides needed, I love one pot meals!

Wednesday, January 8, 2013
LUNCH: Cajun Chicken Pasta

DINNER: Not sure yet. I’m going shopping after work for new under things (mine REALLY do not fit…saggy bottom central over here!) so I’ll either pick up something on the way home, or grab something quick from the freezer once I get home.

Thursday, January 9, 2013
LUNCH: Not sure yet. Most likely a frozen meal or some kind of leftovers from the freezer.

DINNER: Chile Mustard Pork Kebabs and Thai Chopped Salad. This is another meal I’m kind of excited about. I have one package left of these ginormous boneless pork chops from Costco (if you’ve ever bought them you know which ones I’m talking about). They’re really hard to cook whole because they’re so thick… by the time you get the inside cooked the outside is burned, unless you bake in the oven which takes awhile. So I was happy to find this recipe to use them up. Normally I would grill them outside but seeing as it’s like 20 degrees, I will use the foreman grill. I also love spicy food so we’ll see how hot I can get these without killing my BF. Another thing I love is marinating meat. It makes for so little work on the night of, just pull out of the marinating bag and cook! I have 6.5 oz of meat being 473 calories. www.kalynskitchen
Also, I found this light salad to make to go with them, it sounds delicious, and again is out of the box for me… bonus, most of these veggies are on sale this week. I might leave out the sesame oil if it’s too expensive to buy. I cut the recipe in half, making 2 servings, and it’s 147 calories per serving. www.chow.com/reci

Friday, January 10, 2013
LUNCH: Chipotle!

DINNER: Like with most Fridays, not sure yet!
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    Thanks ladies!

    CLRWILLIAMS, the site is interesting, it doesn't have full recipes, but for most books, especially the "bigger names" ones it at least has an ingredient list and all the recipe names, which is helpful for planning. I have BB's hummus recipe saved, I just have to get through the two big containers of the Sabra kind that I bought on sale :-P

    CHARROB2, I'm glad you found it helpful! There's lots of really great cooking sites and blogs out there. I tend to cook from the same ones as they have the best recipes, but every now and then I find a random something elsewhere. If you have any questions about cooking etc, feel free to message me, I love to help :)
    1897 days ago
    I just joined Sparkpeople recently and decided to read some blog and I was very impressed with yours and want to thank you for posting the recipe site which I had never heard off. Of course I don't enjoy cooking and it is probably why I have a hard time staying on a diet.
    I have put those recipe site in my favorites and plan to try some recipes.
    Thank you so much again and have a great day
    1897 days ago
    That website where you can access your cookbooks online sounds really interesting. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has the same breakfast and snacks every day!
    Budgetbytes has a really good hummus recipe that I use. You can buy the giant cans of chick peas from Costco ($3 and freeze the remainder (texture is weird if you eat them plain after freezing, but ok for hummus).
    1897 days ago
    Sounds delicious.
    1897 days ago
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