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The World According to Dancing Feather #1

Friday, January 04, 2013

First entry just something to keep me here, because I don't lose weight when I don't check in,

I'd don't want to talk about fat or food because I have done that and it hasn't worked. I can only read or write so much on that stuff. So I realize that I am loaded with opinions which I would like to share with everyone and as much as I would like to think that my opinions are all truth.... Unfortunately, none of them are, it's just what I think. And I get in SO MUCH TROUBLE for what I think.

For example, I know I am always right (even though I know that opinions are made up and all fluff.) It is always easy for me to see that other people's opinions are not true and are just something that they made up, but I am just so sure that my opinions are the real thing. Damn, I must be right!!!

I think my upset over being right all the time might have something to do with my current weight issues. Just saying ( that makes me sound so young) like what is wrong with the world that most people are not doing what I think is best and that makes me crazy because as I said... I am right about everything, or so I think...

I took a course called the Landmark Forum a few years ago and got present to the idea that nothing we think of means much of anything, that humans ( me included) are "meaning making machines", like in spades, the ultimate meaning making machines. I was pretty upset when they suggested that all the stuff I believe to be "true" might just not be true but ultimately when I really got, that all the stuff that I am upset about, is just opinion and not true, it was actually a load of my mind and there was a huge sense of freedom because I could just let it all go, at least for a while until I thought about it again and realized I was probably right after all. Man if everyone could think just like me there would be no more war. What is wrong with everyone???

I guess I should be more like my cat ( oh of course I have several and we will discuss the cat lady thing at a later date. I will be offended, and rightly so, if you judge me on that cat thing) but if I ask my cat "Trouble" if she likes my outfit and I am wearing old undies and a tee shirt that should have bit the dust years ago, she will just lie there and purr which I think means "yes I like it". When I was dressing for my daughter's wedding I asked her if she liked the $300.00 outfit (that I got to wear exactly once), she had the same response, "purr purr purr" I took it that I looked better than Cinderella at the ball (but more like two or three Cinderella balled up into one because of my weight issues) At any any rate, as long as there is dry cat food in the 'all you can eat 'cat food canister , Trouble seems to like just about anything I am wearing. She will snuggle with me even when I am wearing the red valentine's night gown I bought several years before my eighteen year old daughter was born. It has so many holes in it that is almost invisible and it keeps my husband on his side of the bed (as it is no longer a sexy valentine short of show piece). My cleaning lady wanted to tear it up for rags but I threatened her and she dropped it. That nightgown is so comfortable and over 18 years cotton can change by stretching in unbelievable ways. You must try this with cotton and get back to me.

Well I would hate to end this without an opinion. So here goes.....You know I have yet to see a tattoo on anyone that actually make them look better. I am trying to find one that does, constantly. So I am that crazy lady who is starring at your ankle trying to decide if it it better with or without the green frog. I get very busy at the beach and I do stare a lot... Trying really hard not too, but I'm on mission. Better with or without??? People tattoo the oddest things on themselves. I would hate to have to look at my arm now and see what I thought was trendy 30 years ago, plus wrinkles and all the other nasty things that happen to arm skin as it ages. I will unfortunately be dead when the tattoo generation is reading Modern Maturity. But everyone will be able to grasp an idea of each others past just by starring at each others tattoos in the nursing home dining area. I wonder what that frog will look like with three plus pitting edema (big time swollen ankles). Hmmm perhaps a green hippo with webbed feet. Oh my I am so awful...

Well I am here to offer this community help. Because I have so many opinions and I am usually right (ask me and NOT my husband) I would like to help you solve any difficult personal problems that you might have. DF is here for you ready to solve any dilemma that you are facing as long as they don't have anything to do with food or fat. Just post and if anyone needs help I will write back!

Hugs and if you read this, you have an amazing attention span! emoticon
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    I have a skirt --Beeline, if you are familiar with that line of clothes--that is over 30 years old. When I bought it, I was about a size 8. At the beginning 2012 , I was around a 14. Lost a little and I am about a 12 now. I am such a "slow loser"! Anyway, I just can't part with this skirt. It is a light knit, kept its color, is not worn, is comfortable, packs well, and I can pair it with several different colors. I did have to change the elastic in the waist about 2 years ago. It did wear out. Isn't it funny how sometimes we just get attached to "stuff"? emoticon

    I don't care for tattoos, but my SIL has some. One is a hummingbird and one is a rose. They are small and cute, but that doesn't entice me to ever get one.

    Tagline from a T-shirt: I am NOT opinionated, I am RIGHT!

    Have a great New Year!
    1718 days ago
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