Fruit Haul & RAWKOS!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Good Evening Friends!

Today I got up unwillingly. I was so sleepy but I had to go to school. I left after my first class since the rest of the day would be 3.5 hours of yoga. My body can't take that much right now and I was so beat. It was a nice day there though.

I went to pick up my produce order. We got 2 cases of bananas, 3 cases of mangos and 1 case of oranges. About $89 for each of us. We normally get 2 bananas and 1 orange but the mangos were so cheap and so yum!

I got home and had planned on doing all this stuff to catch up like I usually think but of course things never go as planned. I go some work done and helped a few clients out which was fun. I worked on my blog site a little but didn't finalized my most recent post.

I planned on taking a photo of all the food I have so everyone can see what we have for the week. I'm so wiped out right now that I might have to wait till tomorrow.

We made some delicious RAWKOS! for dinner. Raw vegan tacos. A little on the high fat side but I'll let it slide once in a while for a new recipe :) I'll be posting that later on too.

Hope everyone's having a great night. Go get some sleep! :)
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