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The tale of the mush.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ok... so here's the deal. I had bought, more like overbought, 3 boxes of Kashi 7-grain Pilaf a few months back because they were on sale...and I make a soup with it that I lovingly refer to as "Colon Blow" emoticon , well, the the thing is, that soup is good for like, once a year thing or otherwise, you'd feel like this emoticon and then this emoticon and then this emoticon .. ALL THE TIME!

Unless you like that sort of thing... you sick twisted masochist! emoticon

So now I have hubby telling me every so often that there are still 2 boxes downstairs in the basement .. are we gonna use them or not ... (I was hoping that our occasional seasonal house guests, Mickey and Minnie, would find them as a mid-winter treat, but alas, they have not) ... blah blah blah. Now i gotta figure out what to do with them besides Colon Blow Soup.

Break out the crockpot! I read somewhere about overnight breakfast porridge... I look it up...and low and behold, there it is! I follow the directions (mostly) and whallah! breakfast is served. emoticon

And it sucked emoticon

Well, I ate it - OK, I forced myself to eat my half cup serving... it's GOOD for me! I MADE it! I HAVE TO EAT IT!!

But the kids, try as they may, they flat out tried it and hated it.

Exit 2 cups gone to the trash and 6 cups left in the crockpot. emoticon

and I HATE waste... so it's time to redoctor what's left! I will show them! This will be GREAT!

Enter butter, brown sugar, a banana - coat the bottom of a cassrole dish, add 2 cups mush on top and add more brown sugar. Oh yeah...and salt. Even wall-paper paste needs some salt, or so I have learned with this escapade in mush repurposing.

Baked it this morning . .. with not too bad results! I ate it.. again. emoticon Can't even count the butter and most of the sugar because the flavor only penetrated a small bit of the mush-brick that was in my bowl and the rest was laft behind in a liquid form back in the casserole dish. emoticon

So you see... I am SO good right? Colon cleansing goodness... repurposing.. bein' green and economical. Yeah... I got it goin' on! emoticon

emoticon Hold on a minute here.
emoticon What is all this gurgling going on.
emoticon You IDIOT! You forgot about the lentil soup you ate last night, didn't you!
emoticon You know what the kashi + the lentil soup is, genius? Don't you remember??
emoticon Silly silly girl!!! You inadvertantly made Colon Blow Soup in a 2 day process, but inside yourself!!!

To say that my insides are rolling, well, how can I describe this nicely... All of you who had kids, remember when they were moving inside your womb? stretching, having hiccups, flipping? Close your eyes, take a moment, think back., they ya go... that is what is goin' on! emoticon

OMG!!! Where is my water?!?!?! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I need it! STAT! We need to get this stuff OUT ASAP!

Oh, WHAT HAVE IT DONE! emoticon

My family is going to HATE me later! There is no way around this.. there is no feminine delicacy when one consumes Colon Blow. emoticon

Oh the horror!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

This is a learning moment for SURE! and I cannot even blame anyone but myself! Suuuure, I can blame the hubby, but what good will that do??!?! Absolutely nothing. emoticon

Oh well... I am sure this too shall pass in due time (literally)... but in the meantime... such JOY! such FUN! This is going to be a fanTAStic day! I can feel it..right here, in my gut!
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