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Course Outline (Sylabis)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

So Yes I have started the Program.... Its called Nutrition and Health at Ashworth College.

The Program is broken up into a bunch of Mini Courses
Each Course if done properly to Completely understand all the material should take 2-3 wks for someone who can commit more time and 5 wks for someone who need more time! the max time per course is 6 wks!

Each Course you half to do the require readings and assignments and ends with a Final Exam.

Here are the Mini courses:
1. Nutrition: Choices for Health
2. Guidelines for a Healthy Diet
3. The Digestive System: From Meals to Molecules
4. Carbohydrates: Sugars, Starches and Fiber
5. Lipids: Fats and Oils
6. Proteins and Amino Acids
7. Managing Your Weight
8. Vitamins
9. Water and Minerals
10. Meeting our Needs: Food, Fortified Food and Suppliments
11. Fueling Fitness: Nutrition and Exercise
12. Nutrition for Pregnancy and Infants
13. Growing Years: Toddlers to Teens
14. Nutrition & Aging
15. How Safe is Our Food Supply?
16. Feeding the World

Thats the course listing! I wont go into details about each but will say how excited i am and will keep you in the know as i continue learning all this new info! Once completed i will get a Diploma in Nutrition, Diet and Health Science From Ashworth College and will allow me to apply for Canfit Pro Designation in Canada as a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist! I can then go work in places like health clubs, diet clinics and so forth! I am in no way a Dietitian and wont have the credntials to do that nor will i have the time and money to do that but i will be armed with the knowledge to get the job done!

Just though i would post this info here for people who dont get my updates on facebook about my program!
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