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P90X Day 5 Finished! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Today was a much better day on the P90X front. It was legs and back plus Ab Ripper X again. VERY challenging stuff here folks. I was proud that I could complete everything though and as many reps as they did. My legs are pretty strong though. I've always had insanely strong legs but I do sometimes hate working them. I think it's because legs are such large muscles. It feels so much harder than working arms, chest, etc.

I was not able to do the pull ups because I do not have a bar yet. I checked out some at walmart the other day and will probably purchase one and try to do some reverse pull ups or something since I know I can not do a full pull up yet. I'm planning on getting that bar and putting it up before I do this dvd again next week. For today, I just used my hand weights and did bicep curls, chest presses, and a move where you hang your arms straight in front of you and then pull up the weights like you would as if you were starting a push lawnmower. I know those weren't as challenging as doing the pull ups so I will definitely be getting the bar up by next week.

And, WHEW! Doing Ab Ripper X directly following the legs and back was so hard! I had almost nothing left to give but I did it and I did it well so I'm proud of myself! I also finally drank that Protegen Protein Shake they sent me a free sample of. That shake was the most delicious protein shake I've ever tasted! It tasted like the yummiest chocolate milk evah! And it had 30 grams of protein in it! Here's the link to it if anyone wants to try it out. It was so good! I'm gonna have to order some when I have more extra money. Which may be a long time from now. lol
Link to shake:

And that's about it for the recap for today. I've been sticking to my marco nutrient levels pretty well but have been under calories. Not good. I'm going to work on that though! I've been getting plenty of water though and taking my multivitamin and calcium supplement each day so I'm doing really well there. Hope everyone else is working hard and seeing progress! Keep up the hard work! emoticon
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