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I got flirted with! Must be my fab new body!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

So yesterday I went for a jog (OK, jog/walk) instead of going to the gym. Some days it's nice to get outside and exercise. I'd love to be able to do a race someday, but since I'd rather exercise in the gym most days, I'm not sure my running will really improve.

Anyway ...

As I was jogging along, a cyclist on the bike path nearby asked me, "You look like someone I know. Are you Tracy?"

I replied, "No, I'm Hilary. But Tracy must be really good looking!" :)

He said, "No, not as good looking as you!"

It really made my day. I continued jogging, and he continued biking much faster than I could go.

Later on, as I was headed back the other way, he biked up beside me and chatted with me. We talked about what we'd done on New Year's Eve (Christian Singles party for him, home with a sick baby for me.) He said, "I see you're married, but you have a great personality -- do you have a sister? Or a friend?"

Of course I'm not actually interested in doing anything about it, but it feels so good to get admiring male attention! I came home and told my husband, who was pleased because I was so happy and because he saw it as proof that he'd married a hot woman. Everyone wins!

I'm using it as proof that my 10 lbs of weight loss really do make a difference that others can see, and as motivation to keep on going for another 10 lbs! (And ideally another 10 after that, but 155 is my next goal -- it's my lowest adult weight, and I would be thrilled to get there.)

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