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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I'm feeling pretty good about starting this all over again. I try and remain mindful of the fact that I can't change yesterday or the day before, all I can control is today, here and now. So I'm focusing on that.

Yesterday went really well, with the exception of not eating breakfast, but in my defence I'm only just reworking our budget and groceries etc today, so it's a bit of a 'catch and kill' mentality in our house right now where if we don't have the food (ie milk, fruit, etc) then I don't have anything to eat for breakfast. I'm stocking up this weekend at the markets though.

Yesterdays lunch was my staple warm thai beef salad, it's beyond delicious. I get it from Sumo Salad every day (well, every work-day). It contains beef strips marinated in a chilli and lime dressing, tossed with fresh vermicelli noodles, red capsicum, cucumber & snow peas on a bed of mixed leaf lettuce and sprouts with a small garnish of crushed peanuts. It comes in at 322 calories and is delicious. For $9.95 I'm happy to forgo the stress/inconvenience of making my own lunch and will get this every day happily. Pic below.

I did indulge in a snack pack of cheese and crackers (211 calories for a 50g pack) as afternoon tea, primarily because I'd not had breakfast except for a skim mocha in the morning.

Dinner time, I created a lush meal for hubby and I from the 12WBT menu. I got some lean pork steaks and marinated them in 2 teaspoons of sweet soy sauce and served it with sweet potato mash (just boiled sweet potato and mashed the living daylights out of it) with green beans and grilled apple wedges (half an apple each essentially). Comes in at 288 calories per serve, but I used bigger serves of pork than the recipe called for (recipe suggested 220g of meat for a serving of 2, so essentially 110g each of meat which seemed tiny) so with an extra 100g of pork it was closer to 466 calories. See pic below.

I ended up feeling a bit peckish later in the night so had a small glass of lite milk to tide me over. All up, my days calories came to 1423 which wasn't terrible.

My days worth of carbs came in at 137g, fat at 49g and protein at 120g. I'm working on it though :)

Exercise wise, I went for a 2.5k walk at lunch time, which was mainly from my office over to the shops, then I stopped RunKeeper while I did my grocery shopping, and then started it up again for the walk back to the office. So I think if you factor in the extra 20-30mins I spent walking around the shopping centre, it probably equated to closer to 3km worth of walking. Not a lot of exercise I know, but it's better than nothing.

I also drank three 600ml bottles of water; so just under 2litres worth. No soft drink or juice :)

Now I just need to work on my sleep. I'm suffering from some terrible insomnia lately and it was made worse a few weeks ago when I had a terrible cold/flu/chest infection and found out that a few brands of the 'day/night' medicine made me slightly paranoid (the night time medicine at least). I don't know what it is, but I get this overwhelming anxiety/panic attack at night time when I'm in bed where I'm positive I'm about to die if I fall asleep.

It's insane. I've got some relaxation/meditation apps on my phone I use, so I try and focus on those to get my mind to sleep and if all else fails I go through the phonetic alphabet a few times in my mind until I bore myself to sleep. Usually takes about 4-5 hours. I'm hoping once I'm back into a proper routine with my exercise that I can exhaust myself before bed time and sleep properly.

I think because I'm at the biggest weight I've ever been, being 50kg over weight, I'm a bit more conscious of the potential health issues I face and start to over-think things and panic that I'm suddenly going to drop dead of a heart attack. It's slightly extreme and irrational but not completely implausible. If anything it's just an extra motivator as to why I *need* to lose this weight.

On the bright side, the weather this week is insanely gorgeous, hubby and I are going for our 10km bike ride tonight once it's cooled down. I'd like to go on the weekend but the weather is looking at being 38degrees, so I think my exercise this weekend will constitute of some yoga and then cleaning the house and rearranging the furniture in preparation of my folks visiting next week!

I hope everyone else is doing fabulously :)
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