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Sore neck... had to change some of my ST

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I had a good workout doing heavy housework cleaning at another person's place. But I hurt my neck. Fortunately DH was able to do the driving home. I found myself looking at today's exercises and groaning. Crunches use the neck ... or do they? I was able to do all my crunches in a lying position using my ball or just bringing my knees to my chest with a twist. Seemed to work and I am doing OK. I've had ice on the neck tonight and taken advil. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal or else I'll have to take a pass or adapt the exercises again.

The goal this week is to do 3-4 videos. Maybe it is time to get out the yoga video again and concentrate on stretches. There is an a.m and a p.m. I also have an aquafit video I could review. What about walking with Leslie? Can you do that on the treadmill? That would be 4. I still have not gotten through "Planet Earth" walking on the treadmill but I have enjoyed being outdoors and in the pool so the treadmill had not called me.

Food was good today. Little Big Bread for breakfast and chili/salad with avocado for lunch and tonight was chinese food but I had a small plate of vegetables with rice noodles, some beef and chicken and won ton soup. My snack was an apple and if my blood sugars are low I'll have some cheese tonight too with another piece of little big bread. I may add some sunflower seeds. I'll think about it. John reminded me that fats take the longest to digest. I used to be careful to have MUFA's with each meal but then had some morning high BS's and decided to have fewer nuts at night... which seems to have lead to fewer nuts and seeds overall. Hmmm. I'll look at that tomorrow. I have had a few low blood sugar moments last night and today and certainly some hungry moments. Might be the change in my activity level, the lack of MUFAs or maybe a bit of a cold coming on. Snow shoeing burns a LOT of calories so maybe I am just not getting enough food. I am very tired even though I got a full night's sleep last night. Maybe an early night would do me good.
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