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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Oh my goodness, how I LOVE all my Spark Friends. You are all so wise, so supportive so friendly and so wonderful! When something happens to me I can't wait to get it down here and see what you all have to say. I can always count on you guys to be there for me!

Son and I worked hard today, starting about 11 a.m. (had to sleep in on my first REAL retirement day), and after puttering away most of the morning, writing a Spark blog, etc. we got to work, and got almost everything put away. Now all I have to do is CLEAN! I did a lot of dusting while the shelves were empty. But the floors....well let's just say they need some serious vacuuming!

I often say, it looks like Santa Claus threw up in my house. But as I put things away, once again I am reminded of how much I LOVE my Christmas decorations. They are "my thing"! I find special ornaments and decorations that remind me of good times, ones that my mother made and remind me of her, and other old decorations that remind me of when my boys were little. I even bought a bunch more stuff this year at After-Christmas sales, and glutton for punishment that I am, I put them up instead of storing them away. Just that much MORE to put away! My legs hurt today, but that is good. It means I worked! Tomorrow it will be cleaning day and I'll take some comparison pictures when I have the house back in order. I know things seem really bare for a while when you take down Christmas stuff, but I still have lots of clutter to fill the empty spaces! I've just got too much STUFF. My goal in life has always been to get organized, and finally I think I will have time to do just that. And now I also have the energy!!! I never thought we could get everything put away in ONE DAY!

Son and I decided the first of the year is the perfect opportunity to start anew. For lunch, we had a salad with some deli rotisserie chicken on it, and Olive Garden dressing I got at Sam's. It's not low fat, but Italian dressing isn't too bad calorie-wise. We had an orange for dessert. For supper I had two tacos (no cheese and just a little bit of 93% lean hamburger), and 5 cheese nachos. For dessert I had some pickled beets. I LOVE pickled beets! I am planning to have some grapes, or maybe another orange for my snack tonight.

So, today I feel good about myself. I got a lot accomplished, stayed busy, and ate well. It's so much nicer to feel proud than to feel guilty! I am also excited that I seem to be able to get back on track after some time where I veered slightly off track. That was my greatest fear....that I would fall of the cliff, once I started slipping. But as I told the reporter from Women's World, I never had one moment during my weight loss or now, during maintenance, where I wanted to give up. I told her I was very determined. I hope I can keep this determination alive. My dad did it. I hope I inherited his determination and motivation. I did throw away all the candy, the leftover puppy chow, and I plan to send the rest of the Chex Mix with hubby to work tomorrow.

Oh....this first REAL day of retirement was fabulous! Like I said, I slept in, got up about 9, took a shower, got on Spark, and then did some serious Christmas cleaning-up! What a joy to have the entire day to myself, even though I had a lot of putting-away to do! I won't lie, it wasn't unusual in the past for me to still have some of the Christmas decorations up in March. When I worked full-time and was morbidly obese, I just had no energy at the end of the day.

I hope to get back to walking soon. I need to get out my Leslie Sansone tapes, she graciously sent me a whole slug of new ones (just for sharing my weight-loss story), along with resistance bands, etc. I have no excuses. The road in front of my house had cleared but we've had some snow flurries the last two days, so it is icy again and I'm not going to risk falling and breaking something. When I was heavy, I used to be so afraid of falling and breaking a hip. I guess I still am. There's less fat to protect my hips now! With a New Year comes New Resolve and Fresh Motivation and Determination. And after three years, I find it pretty amazing that I am still on my path to health!
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